Results of the Kickstarter Voting

The 3D Web Think Tank will be broadcast live over LiveStream and in Second Life at 11 am SLT/PDT on 19 May at:  The Polldaddy voting results for the kickstarters is provided below:

  1. E-Metaverse Marketplace (26 votes)
  2. Metacademy (20 votes)
  3. Standardization (19 votes)
  4. Mobile Viewer (15 votes)
  5. Suitcase (8 votes)
  6. Virtual Converter (4 votes)
  7. Library Archival (2 votes)
  8. Identity Management (2 votes)
  9. Virtualista (1 vote)
  10. Metaverse Mentor (1 vote)


E-Metaverse Marketplace
Develop a secure universal asset delivery system to expand the 3D Web as an industry to reach a larger user base with a web-based market that can simultaneously deliver items to multiple virtual worlds.  This would move content storage from a single in-world grid model to one where items are stored on the Internet for secure cross-grid/sim transfer without the need for the avatar to carry an inventory with them.  Avatars and content would be standardized for ALL grids and NOT coupled to a specific grid but to a global avatar. It would provide API/SDK to allow developers to plug into the system to create dynamic expansions on its functionality.

Inspired by Khan Academy, this would provide virtual gamification tools for “brain games” with game-based after school learning for K-12 students to learn with fun and interactive games.  Some examples might include: Math Labyrinth, Math Board Games, Words With Kids, Raven’s Quest – discover the mind behind the madness of Egar Allen Poe, Etc.

Develop Virtual Worlds Standards for future widespread adoption of 3D virtual worlds. This could include things like Universal Avatars, Security-rich Transactions, Platform stability, Integration with existing Web and business processes, and open standards for interoperability with the current Web while encouraging adoption alongside proprietary and virtual world specific implementations. Federated elements to allow for multiple levels of facility and capability, but with a core that is the same avatar identity.

Mobile Viewer
Develop a mobile app viewer for device access to multiple virtual worlds that is quick and friendly for use in business, academics, and leisure.

Develop a basic transportable “suitcase” or “trunk” of portable items to move with you across the Metaverse between different virtual worlds.

Virtual Converter
Develop a web-based software-as-a-service tool to easily convert in-world content (prims or sculpts) from Second Life and OpenSim into mesh with identity verification to protect IP rights.

Library Archival
Develop an archival backup capability for storing away a portion of your inventory that you do not currently need, but may need to access later. Much like in real life when you change seasons, you may swap out the clothing in your closet from winter and move your spring wardrobe into the closet. This could also be of great value when content developers want to backup their projects to IARs (Inventory Archives) or some other archives.

Identity Management
Persistence of identity to me is the key with Federated Identity Management.

Inspired by the popular fashion fan site, this focuses on socializing the virtual shopping experience by providing residents with an app easy web tool for customize designing their avatars (skin, shape, hair, and clothing) using clothing blanks for modularly adding fabrics, sculpts, and mesh. This would provide options to socially model clothing for friends to see and comment about over social networks and for use in multiple virtual worlds. This is a virtual gamification of the fashionista’s diaroma with “social shopping” that could appeal to a wide range of residents.

Metaverse Mentor
Develop a game or learning tool that would teach virtual world skills like 3D modeling or texturing. This could be inspired by things like and


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