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3DWRT meeting of 19 May 2013

The winning concept for the Metaverse Kickstarter is the eMetaverse Marketplace.  We are looking to further develop the concept, provide a demo, and then apply for crowd source funding.  There was discussion on setting up as a B-Corp, S-Corp, or Non-Profit.  We also want to look for ways to parallel this with the real life market so we can open doors for mixed reality purchases, like buying both virtual and real shoes at the same time, and making shopping more of a social experience with friends.  Video of the meeting with chat session show below.   Click here to see the full results of the Kickstarter Voting


[10:56] Naring’nari (joey.aboma):
[10:56] Sunny Salamander: Hi there
[10:56] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): On LiveStream at
[10:56] Beth Ghostraven: ok
[10:56] TheresaAnne Kohime: hey sunny! welcomd!
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Results of the Kickstarter Voting

The 3D Web Think Tank will be broadcast live over LiveStream and in Second Life at 11 am SLT/PDT on 19 May at:  The Polldaddy voting results for the kickstarters is provided below:

  1. E-Metaverse Marketplace (26 votes)
  2. Metacademy (20 votes)
  3. Standardization (19 votes)
  4. Mobile Viewer (15 votes)
  5. Suitcase (8 votes)
  6. Virtual Converter (4 votes)
  7. Library Archival (2 votes)
  8. Identity Management (2 votes)
  9. Virtualista (1 vote)
  10. Metaverse Mentor (1 vote)

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Metaverse Kickstarter Results and Shaping

The next meeting of the 3D Round Table is Sunday (May 19, 2013) at 11 SLT on the IEEE 2 sim in Second Life.  We will talk about the kickstarter ideas and votes received on it, as we look to move forward to raise crowd source funding and implement things help  the Metaverse to move forward.
Location: IEEE’s Artificial Intelligence Learning Center in Second Life
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Make your vote count for the Metaverse

So far we have 25 votes for the Metaverse Kickstarters.  If you have not voted yet, please vote for your favorite concept by 9 pm SLT on Sunday (12 May 2013) and remember to push the vote button for Polldaddy to register your vote at:
Here is the tally as of 7 pm SLT/PDT on 10 May 2013:

  • MOBILE VIEWER. 24%  (6 votes)
  • METACADEMY 20%  (5 votes)
  • E-METAVERSE MARKETPLACE. 16%  (4 votes)
  • STANDARDIZATION. 16%  (4 votes)
  • VIRTUAL CONVERTER. 8%  (2 votes)
  • SUITCASE.  8%  (2 votes)
  • LIBRARY ARCHIVAL. 4%  (1 votes)
  • METAVERSE MENTOR. 4%  (1 votes)
  • VIRTUALISTA.  0%  (0 votes)
  • IDENTITY MANAGEMENT.  0%  (0 votes)

Metaverse Kickstarter Ideas

Pick your favorite idea for a kickstarter from the Top 10 Metaverse Brainstorming Ideas by 9 pm SLT on Sunday (12 May 2013). But choose wisely since you have only one choice. Depending on the ideas, we may file for funds for between one and three of these concepts via or

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Text Chat from 3D Round Table on 05 May 2013

The following is text chat from the 3D Round Table on 05 May 2013 at the AILC on the IEEE 2 sim in Second Life as we brainstormed ideas for kick starters to further the Metaverse.

[11:01] Ai Austin settles back in the pop
[11:01] Ai Austin: *pod 🙂
[11:02] Ai Austin: .me wonders what all those A
[11:02] Ai Austin wonders what all those NPCs are for?
[11:02] Lomgren Smalls: I just float above it since I twist and bend a few SL rules, hehe
[11:02] Ai Austin: Great.. sounds good
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3D Brainstorming on 5 May 2013

On Sunday (05 May 2013) during the next meeting of the 3D Web Think Tank, we will brainstorm ideas for kick starters to further the development of the Metaverse.  So put on your 3D thinking caps and lets see what we can accomplish.

Click here if you have a Google+ account and want to let us know if you plan to attend.
05 May 2013 @ 11 am PST/MVT/SLT
Location: IEEE’s Artificial Intelligence Learning Center in Second Life

IEEE's Artificial Intelligence Learning Center in Second Life

IEEE’s Artificial Intelligence Learning Center in Second Life

Army Wants Sims to Handle More Users

By Lauren Biron, Defense News, March 22, 2013

The U.S. Army wants virtual-world and simulation technology capable of supporting at least five times the number of concurrent users than is possible today. To develop technology that can bring mass virtual exercises to life, the Army Research Laboratory’s Simulation and Training Technology Center is working with Intel Corp. in a cooperative research and development agreement.

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Addressing the Need for a Scalable Virtual Education/Training Environment

The U.S. Air Force will host an Ed-Tech Lunch & Learn Workshop session on Friday, 26 Apr, from 9-10 am SLT. Mr. Douglas Maxwell, MSME, Science and Technology Manager, Virtual World Strategic Applications, U.S. Army Simulation & Training Technology Center (STTC), will present & discuss “Addressing the Need for a Scalable Virtual Education/Training Environment.” Click the picture for detailed info and Mr. Maxwell’s bio.  We’ll meet in Second Life as well as provide DCO (Defense Connect Online) functionality for those who cannot access SL for the session.  In addition, we’ll have live Twitter & Web feeds for use by anyone during the session.

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New World Grid meeting of 9 April 2013

The following text chat is from the April 9, 2013 meeting on the New World Grid with Olivier Battini to learn more about his grid and vision for the future.   These meetings are announced via Google+ in the NWG community group:

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