Helping Shape the Metaverse

The 3D Web Round Table (3DWRT) was started in early 2013 by a number of Metaverse stakeholders with a think tank to help shape the future of this technology and to help such applications become more mainstream in business, education, social networking, and entertainment industries. The 3DWRT focus is grid-agnostic rather than focused on any one particular technology as they look to further development of the Metaverse as a whole.

Monthly roundtable meetings have provided a venue across several virtual worlds to reach out collaboratively to different communities and grow this important discussion topic. The roundtable in May 2013 in Second Life included a brainstorming session, which led to many ideas for kickstarter concepts. The following is the path outlined for development:

  1. PollDaddy vote on Top 10 Kickstarter Concepts, which closes at 9 pm SLT on 12 May 2013
  2. Kickstarter Shaping Meeting on 19 May 2013 at 11 am SLT at the IEEE 2 sim in Second Life
  3. Kickstarter Crowd Source Funding with submission of one to three ideas
  4. Social Marketing to interested investors

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