3DWRT meeting of 19 May 2013

The winning concept for the Metaverse Kickstarter is the eMetaverse Marketplace.  We are looking to further develop the concept, provide a demo, and then apply for crowd source funding.  There was discussion on setting up as a B-Corp, S-Corp, or Non-Profit.  We also want to look for ways to parallel this with the real life market so we can open doors for mixed reality purchases, like buying both virtual and real shoes at the same time, and making shopping more of a social experience with friends.  Video of the meeting with chat session show below.   Click here to see the full results of the Kickstarter Voting


[10:56] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): https://3dwebthinktank.wordpress.com/2013/05/19/3d-web-think-tank-of-19-may-2013/
[10:56] Sunny Salamander: Hi there
[10:56] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): On LiveStream at http://www.livestream.com/3dwebthinktank
[10:56] Beth Ghostraven: ok
[10:56] TheresaAnne Kohime: hey sunny! welcomd!

[10:57] Geo Meek: let me know when to start recording
[10:57] Geo Meek: :-0
[10:57] Geo Meek: 🙂
[10:57] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): We are doing this with both audio and text chat today
[10:57] Now playing: Charivari Agreable – Two Upon A Ground – Ennemond Gaultier – La Pompe Funebre
[10:57] Geo Meek: my text is clear so it needs to be a audio OK
[10:57] Beth Ghostraven puts her headphones back on
[10:58] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): ok we generally put into text chat what people say
[10:58] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): that way we can remember better
[10:58] TheresaAnne Kohime: hey beth )
[10:58] TheresaAnne Kohime: hello rhiannon
[10:58] Beth Ghostraven: Hi Tessa!
[10:59] Beth Ghostraven: Hi Rhiannon!
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[10:59] Rhiannon Chatnoir: hello all
[11:00] Fran (francisco.koolhoven): Hi Rhiannon
[11:00] Maccus McCullough: Good Morning, thank you for having me
[11:01] TR Amat: Hi, I was curious about the next step. 🙂
[11:01] Geo Meek: 🙂
[11:01] JoJa Dhara: hello 😉
[11:01] Cindy Bolero waves
[11:01] Fran (francisco.koolhoven): hey joey
[11:02] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): We will be doing this with audio
[11:02] Orion Greymoon: Some attendance may be limited, as many no longer come into SL, but instead live in OpenSim worlds.
[11:02] Second Life: Maccus McCullough (maccus.mccullough) is now known as Douglas Maxwell.
[11:02] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): but also ask to summarize imprortant points in text chat
[11:02] Geo Meek: voice is recorded
[11:03] Beth Ghostraven: Has anyone done a voice check?
[11:03] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): hold on
[11:03] Ixmal Supermarine: I’m getting quite bad echo
[11:04] Ixmal Supermarine: aha that is it!
[11:04] Ixmal Supermarine: I’d forgotten it was open >blush<
[11:04] JoJa Dhara: 😉
[11:05] Beth Ghostraven: Nobody is speaking yet, are they?
[11:05] Fran (francisco.koolhoven): joey is speaking
[11:05] Ixmal Supermarine: yes Joey is talking
[11:05] Beth Ghostraven: hmm, I’m going to re-log
[11:06] TR Amat: I think LL wants all possible revenue streams out of SL. 🙂
[11:07] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): What are your overall goals?
[11:07] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): That’s very broad
[11:07] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): any focus areas?
[11:07] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): The 3D Web Round Table (3DWRT) was started in early 2013 by a number of Metaverse stakeholders with a think tank to help shape the future of this technology and to help such applications become more mainstream in business, education, social networking, and entertainment industries. The 3DWRT focus is grid-agnostic rather than focused on any one particular technology as they look to further development of the Metaverse as a whole.
[11:07] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): I understand
[11:08] MoPad White Board: Now showing Image 1/0 –
[11:08] Cindy Bolero: re-use content
[11:10] JoJa Dhara: to awsome.. printing out your world
[11:10] Beth Ghostraven: browser-based
[11:11] Rhiannon Chatnoir: a portable identity and inventory sort of?
[11:11] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): Lost voice, madam
[11:11] Rhiannon Chatnoir: and Tessa cut out completely
[11:11] Orion Greymoon: The suitecase concept has been implemented inthe OpenSim environments already, and is available to those who hyper-grid between grids and regionsl.
[11:12] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): please explain… you mean Open Simulators and not alternate metaverse technologies?
[11:12] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): A text description and these resulsts are also online at: https://3dwebthinktank.wordpress.com/2013/05/19/3d-web-think-tank-of-19-may-2013/
[11:12] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): Perhaps a slight modification to IAR’s will service her need?
[11:13] Cindy Bolero: For ease of use of content across grids
[11:13] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): She is correct, I cannot open my grid to hypergrids because of the security issues.
[11:13] Ixmal Supermarine: Great stuff Sunny!
[11:14] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): Tipodean has dae converters from prim to mesh.
[11:14] TheresaAnne Kohime: yes he does .. another great option for exporting 🙂
[11:15] TheresaAnne Kohime: they are stil under developement but we can do it for folks in a pinch
[11:15] TR Amat: Metaverse on Google Glass?
[11:16] Orion Greymoon: And Occulus Rift. 🙂
[11:16] Rhiannon Chatnoir: or Oculus Rift, etc
[11:16] Rhiannon Chatnoir: nod
[11:16] Beth Ghostraven: Selby/Thinkerer just posted a way to do that
[11:16] Beth Ghostraven: in a blog post on Inventory Management
[11:17] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): there also needs to be a way to effectively search large inventories and sort them for management
[11:17] TheresaAnne Kohime: or a building yard .. we used to do this in Active Worlds and it was awesome … a bit laggy but really convenienct
[11:17] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): OAR files solve that problem in the open sim environment, however Linden Lab would need to provide this should they choose
[11:17] TheresaAnne Kohime: nods ddoug … they dont’ support archieving or backups
[11:18] TheresaAnne Kohime: i’m text stuttering LOL
[11:18] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): that is one of my biggest issues with them, we paid a lot of money for content development and could not retain it
[11:18] TheresaAnne Kohime: agreed
[11:18] TR Amat: I think the LL model is that they do any archiving or rollbacks.
[11:19] Beth Ghostraven: yes, Tessa, LL makes it clear that they own all of our content
[11:19] Cindy Bolero: white label
[11:19] TheresaAnne Kohime: its nto something peopel rave about to their real world friends and family and business associates
[11:19] Orion Greymoon: Do you think that a non-profit can evolve at a pace necessary to support the expected progress in metaverse technolgies, etc?
[11:19] TR Amat: You can make a good case that you don’t need to be able to read your archive, you just need to know it will work – so it could be encrypted.
[11:19] TheresaAnne Kohime: and that’s stoppign its aduoption i think
[11:20] TheresaAnne Kohime: good point tr
[11:20] Rhiannon Chatnoir: as a true nonprofit you wouldnt be able to advertise per se.. it comes down to the programs/work you support
[11:20] TheresaAnne Kohime: Yes Orion .. that’s the reason for the kickstarter. so the org can hire folsk and employ some of the talent we’re loosing
[11:21] Beth Ghostraven: I really liked Virtualista too; wish I could have voted for more than 1 idea
[11:21] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Iknow Beth
[11:21] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): I wanted to vote for several of them too
[11:22] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): But some of these are seeds which others may plant too
[11:22] TR Amat: Letting people vote for things on the secondary list – that might have been instructive.
[11:23] Beth Ghostraven: yes, the universal avatar would be very helpful
[11:23] Beth Ghostraven: it could be so much fun, too!
[11:23] TheresaAnne Kohime: yeppers! i knwo!
[11:23] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): That is our mission
[11:23] TheresaAnne Kohime: its terribly selfish for me to put that up there lOL
[11:23] TR Amat: Would you reasonably be able to have multiple universal avatars? Or, be restricted to one?
[11:24] Beth Ghostraven: Mark Childs says that research shows that the more someone is invested in their avatar, the more complete their immersion, and learning, is
[11:24] TheresaAnne Kohime: TR .. its going to have to start with a trusted grid system that crators have the chocie to choose hte grids they trust, whcih should push other grids ti sign up and agree to reasonable standard
[11:24] Beth Ghostraven: Amat, I would hope that you could have more than one
[11:25] TR Amat: I think you could make a good case for having a third-party who is trusted to hold designs, against lost creators.
[11:25] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): no
[11:25] Fran (francisco.koolhoven): no
[11:25] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes
[11:25] Beth Ghostraven: no, link pls?
[11:26] Ixmal Supermarine: yes my daughter had it
[11:26] TR Amat: Wasn’t an avatar trying on clothes for you in “The Jetsons”? 🙂
[11:26] TheresaAnne Kohime: heheh yeppers TR
[11:26] Orion Greymoon: An another option, a “packaging” of a vendors products that contains the metadata needed to “protect” their products, to include what grids in can interact with.
[11:26] TheresaAnne Kohime: we’re catching up
[11:27] Beth Ghostraven: redgrave skins in SL?
[11:28] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): This would provide options to socially model clothing for friends to see and comment about over social networks and for use in multiple virtual worlds. This is a virtual gamification of the fashionista’s diaroma with “social shopping” that could appeal to a wide range of residents.
[11:28] TR Amat: I assume “Poly Vore” doesn’t involve eating parrots. 🙂
[11:28] Rhiannon Chatnoir: you know what might be good.. there are a lot of us who weren’t at any prior of these meetings (like me!) …maybe we can all in chat do a intro of who we are and what we work on/with
[11:28] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): http://www.Polyvore.com
[11:28] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): that was inspiration of that idea
[11:29] TR Amat: Is the retention rate still about 10% in SL?
[11:29] TheresaAnne Kohime: yes
[11:29] TheresaAnne Kohime: 5-10% depending upon the season
[11:30] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): https://3dwebthinktank.wordpress.com/2013/05/19/3d-web-think-tank-of-19-may-2013/
[11:30] TheresaAnne Kohime: adn that’s pretty universal fo other grids and platforms too
[11:30] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): that has vote results and descriptions
[11:32] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): Has there been a breakdown of what it would take to accomplish the top two?
[11:32] MoPad White Board: Now showing Image 1/0 –
[11:33] MoPad White Board: Now showing Image 1/0 –
[11:33] Beth Ghostraven: ArthurConan Doyle is working on the educational academy idea with Alice Academy in SL
[11:33] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): I would suggest you follow an open source model if you want to benefit more than one niche
[11:33] Orion Greymoon: The metaverse has both commercial andnon commercial centric grids. If we are to put in place some standards, both of these communities would need to be accounted for.
[11:34] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): please elaborate on the projects
[11:34] TR Amat: I continue to be concerned about people’s fear/concern which seems to prevent them getting involved with the Metaverse. Partly, seems to be a fear about the level of personal resource required.
[11:34] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Welcome Xenon
[11:35] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Always great to see Sloodlers
[11:35] Beth Ghostraven: Clothing for avatars is actually important: Mark Childs says that research shows that the more someone is invested in their avatar, the more complete their immersion, and learning, is
[11:35] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): we should make sure we are using the same terminology
[11:36] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): Each grid owner has the right to enforce a term of service
[11:37] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Standardization requires cooperation of grid owners
[11:37] Beth Ghostraven: Hi Spiff!
[11:37] Orion Greymoon: Agreed, Doug and Thinker.
[11:38] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): What I heard is that you would like a portable inventory, one that can be browsed outside the client via web. Correct?
[11:38] TR Amat: So, you might need a rating system with several different dimensions/measures?
[11:38] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): One of the hardest parts of my job is to get people with good ideas to follow through so I know what kind of investment to make.
[11:39] Beth Ghostraven: a portable inventory assumes that the user (typist) owns the content
[11:39] TR Amat: Does making the inventory portable impact on privacy issues?
[11:39] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): Why offline, isn’t that why we are here?
[11:39] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes
[11:39] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): I see a military training application for that inventory system
[11:39] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): it is a very good idea
[11:40] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): WHOOOHOOO
[11:40] Beth Ghostraven: Yes, that’s an awesome idea, Tessa!
[11:42] TR Amat: I did suggest a SCRATCH interface, so people could more easily learn to create their own educational application.
[11:43] Beth Ghostraven: yes, developing student engagement is crucial, and often missing
[11:43] Cindy Bolero: fun age!
[11:43] Ixmal Supermarine: ‘Fun’ is often missing from education and training….I think there’s huge potential to freshen it up with technology
[11:44] Beth Ghostraven: as long as it’s about the learning, and not about the tech
[11:44] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): Right on, IX.
[11:44] Ixmal Supermarine: oh indeed Beth; it needs to be student-centred
[11:44] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Kids need viusalization jsut like adults do
[11:45] Beth Ghostraven: avatars are paper dolls, after all!
[11:45] Beth Ghostraven: yes, storytelling is really important
[11:45] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): Well, and they are highly kinesthetic – and tradtional learning tries to suppress thta
[11:45] TR Amat: Need to be able to allow students to take multiple approaches, different brain wiring, etc.
[11:45] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): (that)
[11:45] Beth Ghostraven: yes, very true about kinesthetic learning
[11:46] TR Amat: Some more verbal, some more visual, some require social support…
[11:46] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Beth
[11:46] Beth Ghostraven: Beth Ghostraven, middle school librarian in RL and owner of the Book and Tankard Pub in Victoria City, Caledon in SL; unofficial liaison between education groups in SL; @booklady9
[11:46] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Ixmal
[11:46] Beth Ghostraven grins
[11:46] Lyr Lobo smiles at Beth
[11:46] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Cindy
[11:46] TheresaAnne Kohime: wow beth .. impressive
[11:47] Cindy Bolero: oh uh was in another window
[11:47] Lyr Lobo chuckels and nods at Cindy — same here
[11:47] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Hi Lyr
[11:47] Lyr Lobo grins and waves
[11:47] TheresaAnne Kohime: lol
[11:47] Lyr Lobo: and worlds
[11:47] Beth Ghostraven: Hi Lyr!
[11:47] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Tessa
[11:47] Lyr Lobo: am on 9 accounts at the moment … celebrating a birthday this week
[11:47] Lyr Lobo chuckles
[11:48] Ixmal Supermarine: IXMAL is British, management development and human resources consultant, game designer; in SL, actor and writer
[11:48] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): TY Ixie
[11:48] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Francisco?
[11:48] Cindy Bolero: I’ve got a list in my profile. currently developing in Unity3D
[11:49] TheresaAnne Kohime: oh kewl. we need folks from there too
[11:49] TheresaAnne Kohime: glad you’re here cindy
[11:50] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Orion
[11:50] Orion Greymoon: I’ve been active in virtual worlds for about 12 years, with softwre engineering background, and have a strong interest in technology and integration. Love to participate in any committees that come up around this. My main focus now is OpenSIm.
[11:50] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Doug please intro yourself
[11:51] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Selby Evans in RL — Retired prof — Run a blog — can post on this project as it develops — http://virtualoutworlding.blogspot.com/
[11:51] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Xenon
[11:52] TheresaAnne Kohime: ROFL
[11:52] Fran (francisco.koolhoven): lol
[11:52] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Looks good to me
[11:52] Rhiannon Chatnoir: have to love that.. have done similar before.. shown up in some mermaid outfit on login to an event 😉
[11:53] TheresaAnne Kohime: lol you looks great Vi 🙂
[11:53] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Jola
[11:53] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Introduce yourself please
[11:53] JoJa Dhara: JoJa Dhara virtual world walker from the Netherlands ..organizer MetaMeets all about the 3D web and at the moment setting up a FabLab Flevoland “get connected” is my middle name 😉
[11:53] JoJa Dhara: sorry no voice ;-0
[11:53] JoJa Dhara: 🙂
[11:53] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Sunny
[11:53] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): he does Pixie Viewer
[11:54] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): http://pixieviewer.com/
[11:54] TheresaAnne Kohime: lol
[11:54] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Login on his viewer at http://login.eu.pixieviewer.com/
[11:54] TheresaAnne Kohime: Sunny is an awesome coder
[11:54] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Lyr Lobo
[11:55] Lyr Lobo: haha
[11:55] Lyr Lobo: my headset is off.. let’s see
[11:55] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): LOL…remember those days
[11:55] Lyr Lobo: Hello! I’m Cynthia Calongne — in 1995-97, I conducted doctoral research on usability in immersive PC virtual environments (Polhemus HMD, dataglove). I teach at Colorado Technical University (from 96-present), and in 2009, I designed a doctoral degree program to encourage VW research and have taught 39 CTU classes using SL.
[11:55] Lyr Lobo: nice to meet you
[11:55] Lyr Lobo: well it is going to my speakers *grins*
[11:55] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): TR
[11:55] TR Amat: TR Amat, representing a company involved in computing since the mid 1980s, making computers more useful to people, distributed computing, role-playing gaming (fantasy & sci-fi), privacy concerns, educational computing. Programming, analysis, human-factors/HCI, making people’s data more useful to them. Trying to make the Metaverse something that gets people more use out of computing. Including AI. 🙂
[11:55] Lyr Lobo: i’m in Virtual Harmony, Loire, and we’re hosting workshops on Monday nights
[11:55] TheresaAnne Kohime: WOW very impressive Lyr
[11:56] Lyr Lobo: we now have Loire
[11:56] Lyr Lobo: Dreamland Metaverse, open once folks sign up
[11:56] TheresaAnne Kohime: yeah .. when we get the 3dweb round table site up .. the domained one … we’l ahve to add a means for folks to add thier events ont eh calendar
[11:56] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): We also have a Virtual Harmony presence in MOSES
[11:56] Lyr Lobo: Video of our kickoff project http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PjIxPQUaTM on Dreamland
[11:57] TheresaAnne Kohime: and amybe publish prfiles so fils can find ya
[11:57] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Rhinannon
[11:57] Lyr Lobo: our site: http://vwdesignthinking.com/
[11:57] TheresaAnne Kohime: yes
[11:57] TheresaAnne Kohime: OHNICe!
[11:57] TheresaAnne Kohime: yeah
[11:58] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Great group for non-profits
[11:58] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): avacon.org
[11:59] Rhiannon Chatnoir: AvaCon, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the growth, enhancement, and development of the metaverse, virtual worlds, augmented reality, and 3D immersive and virtual spaces. We hold conventions and meetings to promote educational and scientific inquiry into these spaces, and to support organized fan activities, including performances, lectures, art, music, machinima, and much more. Our primary goal is to connect and support the diverse communities and practitioners involved in co-creating and using virtual worlds, and to educate the public and our constituents about the emerging ecosystem of technologies broadly known as the metaverse.
[11:59] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Geat
[11:59] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Great
[11:59] Ixmal Supermarine: I have to go afk, sorry
[11:59] Ixmal Supermarine: afk
[12:00] TR Amat: This link seems to work: http://www.avacon.org/
[12:00] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes and thanks TR
[12:01] Rhiannon Chatnoir: http://thinkerer.org/
[12:01] Rhiannon Chatnoir: we hear both of you
[12:01] Lyr Lobo: Thinkerer? Yes, he’s been a vibrant part of the community since the beginning *grins*
[12:01] Fran (francisco.koolhoven): i hear you
[12:01] Rhiannon Chatnoir: so might be you Joey
[12:01] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): I heard her fine
[12:01] Lyr Lobo: I hear both
[12:01] TheresaAnne Kohime: i hear you
[12:01] TheresaAnne Kohime: go ahead VI
[12:01] Lyr Lobo: you sound good
[12:01] TheresaAnne Kohime: but he can’t
[12:01] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes
[12:01] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Geo
[12:01] Beth Ghostraven: ooh, don’t kick it, you’ll send it bad vibes, Joey!
[12:02] Beth Ghostraven: I hear you!
[12:02] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): I hear you here…
[12:02] Beth Ghostraven: type it in chat?
[12:02] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Geo doing intro
[12:02] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): Selby rulz
[12:02] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Thinker is here via Thinker
[12:04] TR Amat: I think you can make a case that “Dungeons & Dragons” (paper-and-pencil) was a Meteverse running on/in the heads of the players & referee. 🙂
[12:04] TR Amat: Metaverse*
[12:04] TheresaAnne Kohime: lol
[12:04] TheresaAnne Kohime: for real TR
[12:04] Beth Ghostraven: yes, very true about D&D
[12:05] Beth Ghostraven: I”ve got to head to another meeting; great seeing/meeting you all!
[12:05] Orion Greymoon: Very good point.
[12:05] TheresaAnne Kohime: ty for being here beth!
[12:05] Beth Ghostraven: yw!
[12:06] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes… love D&D …I am originally a pen and paper player
[12:06] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): I’m a professional systems engineer, I’d be happy to lend a hand
[12:06] TheresaAnne Kohime: yahh! ty!
[12:06] TR Amat: I’m concerned that there be proper support for a federated approach in any Metaverse – so we’re not dependent on centralised services, arguably in the spirit of the Internet.
[12:07] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): I could tell you a bit about our efforts to secure inventory information.
[12:07] Rhiannon Chatnoir: another thing I didnt mention, last summer I attended the Graduate Studies program of Singularity University, a futurist focused incubator – http://singularityu.org
[12:08] TheresaAnne Kohime: that’d be great doug
[12:08] TheresaAnne Kohime: that’s a big issue with creators
[12:08] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): Would you like me to quickly jump in now?
[12:08] Cindy Bolero: metadata in the content
[12:09] TR Amat: Google+ does require that you only have one persona, “real people only”, so, possible privacy issues.
[12:09] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): sure thing
[12:09] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes TR, a lot of the nymwars issues
[12:09] TheresaAnne Kohime: lol
[12:10] TheresaAnne Kohime: ROFL
[12:10] TR Amat: Some people might enjoy being clicked-on# a bit too much. 🙂
[12:10] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Lost your sound
[12:10] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): better
[12:11] TheresaAnne Kohime: hehehe
[12:12] Orion Greymoon: As a former spec-ops, using virtual environments for mission planning/rehearsal/forensics is a great approach.
[12:15] TheresaAnne Kohime: sticky IP doug?
[12:15] TheresaAnne Kohime: nods
[12:15] TR Amat: Do we need to carefully consider where strong encryption is needed in any further Metaverse development?
[12:17] TheresaAnne Kohime: thats’ sticky IP ! yahh!
[12:17] TR Amat: You need to bind the certificate into the content using strong encryption?
[12:17] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Love that phrase “sunlight breeds good behaviour.”
[12:18] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): cerificate based tagging that can’t be scrubbed is key
[12:18] TheresaAnne Kohime: that is what wee’ve been hoping to see done .. thank you doug!
[12:18] TR Amat: There are issues about control of the decryption environment, and, thorough meta-data control.
[12:19] Rhiannon Chatnoir: would think good to set up a working group to talk on some of these details
[12:19] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Doug would like to see white papers on marketplace ideas
[12:19] TR Amat: We’ve been looking at secure distributed database issues for quite some time (1.5 decades+).
[12:20] TheresaAnne Kohime: thank you
[12:20] TR Amat: We believe meta data issues is the jey to solving a lot of these problems.
[12:20] TR Amat: key*
[12:21] TR Amat: Sim flash mobs, maybe? 🙂
[12:21] Rhiannon Chatnoir: and.. I have to run off.. but look forward to keeping in touch on all of this.
[12:21] Rhiannon Chatnoir: will there be an archive of the livestream, and what is that URL?
[12:22] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): https://3dwebthinktank.wordpress.com/
[12:22] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): http://www.livestream.com/3dwebthinktank
[12:22] Lyr Lobo: eThanks, Joey
[12:23] JoJa Dhara: ok:;-)
[12:23] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): You rock, Joey…for all this that you do.
[12:23] Orion Greymoon: IS there an existing non profit that could sponsor until this app is done?
[12:24] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): Why not a 501c3?
[12:24] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): I do meetups
[12:24] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): LOL
[12:24] TR Amat: Thanks for pulling this together, Joey.
[12:24] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): in rl
[12:25] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Thank you all for your time and help with this
[12:25] JoJa Dhara: ;_)
[12:25] JoJa Dhara: 😉
[12:25] TR Amat: We’re based in the UK – can we make useful contributions?
[12:25] TheresaAnne Kohime: sure TR
[12:27] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): other than tax exempt status, why would you want to go the non-profit route vice just becoming a s-corp?
[12:27] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): small corporation
[12:27] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): what’s an s-corp?
[12:27] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): <500 people
[12:27] Orion Greymoon: Its a for profit corp
[12:27] TR Amat: SME – small/medium sized companies?
[12:28] Orion Greymoon: From my experince in teh OpenSim ecosystem, there is a fear of over commercializtion.
[12:28] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): may Jump in?
[12:29] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): another option is a B Corp
[12:29] TheresaAnne Kohime: yes i lvoe that idea
[12:30] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): but not in every state in US
[12:30] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): you asking for a lot of oversight and paperwork going the 501c3 route
[12:30] Orion Greymoon: I would find it more challenging to support a for profit corp, in this type of endeavor.
[12:30] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes
[12:30] Rhiannon Chatnoir: lots and lots of paperwork!
[12:30] TR Amat: I’ve known people t set up co-operatives, for project development – I’m unsure how those work in US law.
[12:31] TR Amat: One idea was that those involved got a share based on the amount of work they put in, up front.
[12:31] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): exactly
[12:32] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): the business plan and execution is vital
[12:32] TR Amat: Life got interesting when you considered how much of a share administrators got. 🙂
[12:32] Rhiannon Chatnoir: and you could align any given project with a partner to that aligns
[12:32] Orion Greymoon: With both non and for profits, the issue of patents/copyright/trademarks/etc for the IP/technology developed needs to be carefully looked at.
[12:32] TR Amat: Business plan – a model of an imaginary future. 🙂
[12:32] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): EXACTLY! LOL
[12:33] Orion Greymoon: Its also about the ownership of those items as well.
[12:33] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): this is a nice one for setting up your business plan http://leancanvas.com/
[12:34] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): Are you planning to have a board of directors?
[12:34] TR Amat: Some people get involved in the hope of future contract work, say for support, or further (commercial) development.
[12:35] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): 501c3’s are regularly audited
[12:36] TR Amat: Any small organisation, need chaiperson, secretary, treasurer plus specialist – then each needs a shadow, for when things go wrong. Even minimal hobby interest clubs…
[12:36] Lyr Lobo: Thanks, Everyone! *smiles and waves*
[12:37] Naring’nari (joey.aboma): Joey Aboma in Skype
[12:37] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): vrdeity in Skype
[12:37] TheresaAnne Kohime: tajohnson862@gmail.com
[12:37] Douglas Maxwell (maccus.mccullough): rgr that
[12:37] Lyr Lobo: lyrlobo in Skype
[12:37] Rhiannon Chatnoir: and anyone is able to contact me joyce.bettencourt@avacon.org
[12:37] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): sure!
[12:37] TR Amat: Brains that need storming? 🙂
[12:38] Orion Greymoon: Gogle Hangouts is a good idea.
[12:38] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): I always have an opinion…even if I don’t know the topic. 😀
[12:38] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): me too…I want to learn hangout
[12:38] Rhiannon Chatnoir: poke me then on that
[12:38] Rhiannon Chatnoir: ::)
[12:38] Fran (francisco.koolhoven): Thank you Geo
[12:38] Rhiannon Chatnoir: I have to go pick up some fruit trees in RL 🙂
[12:38] Rhiannon Chatnoir: take care all
[12:39] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): have to let horses up in the yard..and then get ready for a bbq
[12:39] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): truly Texas day
[12:39] Rhiannon Chatnoir: take care all
[12:39] Rhiannon Chatnoir: i have to run
[12:39] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): bye!
[12:39] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): thank yo7u!!


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