3rd Round Table of the 3D Web Think Tank


The third round table was held on 10 march 2013.  A video is being produced of this and shown below are photos of the room and some displays that Tessa put together to help assess what virtual worlds and gaming technologies are currently being used.  Our next round table is scheduled for Sunday 7 April from 11am-1pm SLT/PST on the OMP (Open Metaverse Project) grid.  The login URL is  http://openmetaverseproject.com:8002/

Here are screen shots of the walls Tessa did up on Virtual Worlds and gaming technologies for creating environments of the Metaverse.

[11:05]  Sun Tzu: Hello
[11:05]  Francisco Koolhoven: hi sun 🙂
[11:05]  Francisco Koolhoven: tessa is having problems getting here
[11:05]  Sun Tzu: that becuase she not really logged in
[11:05]  Sun Tzu: She was using mech viewer
[11:05]  Sun Tzu: messed her up
[11:06]  Sun Tzu: voice workign ok for you?
[11:06]  Francisco Koolhoven: mic not working
[11:06]  Francisco Koolhoven: hi sunny
[11:07]  Alicia Stone: Hello hello hello 🙂
[11:07]  Francisco Koolhoven: welcome alicia!
[11:08]  Taff Nouvelle: trying to get my mic working now 🙂
[11:08]  Taff Nouvelle: Hi all 🙂
[11:08]  Alicia Stone: Hiya taff
[11:09]  Tessa Harrington is Online
[11:09]  Francisco Koolhoven: gonna relog to get my mic working
[11:09]  Francisco Koolhoven: brb
[11:09]  Alicia Stone: sorry, just turned off art bell LOL
[11:10]  Francisco Koolhoven is Online
[11:11]  Alicia Stone: I’m not breathing heavy yet :/
[11:12]  Alicia Stone: Let me know when the meeting begins because I have a few comments about question 1
[11:13]  Alicia Stone: I have a robin’s egg blue shirt on
[11:15]  Alicia Stone: SO is this strategy or brainstorming?
[11:15]  Virginia Dickenson is Online
[11:16]  Francisco Koolhoven is Offline
[11:16]  Francisco Koolhoven: hi virginia
[11:17]  Alicia Stone: Hello 🙂
[11:17]  Sun Tzu: Hey Alicia
[11:17]  Lomgren Smalls waves
[11:17]  Virginia Dickenson: WhOOOOHOOOOO Alicia!
[11:17]  Sun Tzu: what’s the site uRL?
[11:17]  Sunny Salamander: Hi Alicia
[11:18]  Sun Tzu: eveyone on voice?
[11:18]  Alicia Stone: http://openmetaverseproject.com/
[11:18]  Sun Tzu: anyone have voice not working?
[11:18]  Inventor Alchemi: my voice is working
[11:18]  Sun Tzu: Nice thanks
[11:18]  Sun Tzu: can you hear ?
[11:18]  Alicia Stone: I am getting ready to go on a major push of free content textures
[11:18]  Sun Tzu: inVentor
[11:18]  Sun Tzu: ok I see you said yes
[11:18]  Sun Tzu: sorry
[11:19]  Inventor Alchemi: Sun Tzu, do you know me from Little Blue Island?
[11:19]  Francisco Koolhoven is Offline
[11:20]  Alicia Stone: *sings* who wants to live foreverrrrr……
[11:20]  Francisco Koolhoven is Online
[11:20]  Virginia Dickenson: Not me, Alicia!
[11:20]  Taff Nouvelle: I just found a small bug I thinki, I cant set individual voice levels in the floater. they are all full up.
[11:21]  Alicia Stone: cisco, may I make comment?
[11:22]  Alicia Stone: There is a war going on righrt now
[11:22]  Alicia Stone: between providers
[11:22]  Alicia Stone: yes grid providers
[11:22]  Alicia Stone: alliances have been made
[11:24]  Alicia Stone: Well I am just stating be bepapared to go developing OS technology without OS’s help, they are aligned directly with OSGrid, which is making a power play
[11:24]  Alicia Stone: I agree
[11:25]  Sun Tzu: https://3dwebthinktank.wordpress.com/
[11:25]  Alicia Stone: Virtual World is trademark actually, 3D Web is not
[11:26]  Sun Tzu: We look for your ideas on several key things as we think about the “big picture” of the future of the Metaverse with the following key discussion points:
(1) What is the Metaverse Today?
(2) What do we want the Metaverse to be in the Future?
(3) What are possible use cases for the Metaverse in the Future?
[11:27]  Alicia Stone: Support groups
[11:29]  Virginia Dickenson: Btw, Dick may be coming in a couple min
[11:29]  Alicia Stone: A grid that offerred meeting spaces for support groups (substance abuse, community, sexual orientation, etc) would be seen as useful.
[11:30]  Lomgren Smalls: (DARPA is also the reason we have the internet)
[11:31]  Alicia Stone: are you talking about MOSES? Because there are certain reasons I can’t talk about MOSES.
[11:31]  Alicia Stone: Okay
[11:32]  Francisco Koolhoven: i’m seeing it
[11:32]  Virginia Dickenson: me2
[11:32]  Sun Tzu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bq5lXkEOeRE
[11:32]  Johan Hagel: nop…nothing
[11:32]  Sun Tzu: DARPA Real World
[11:32]  Inventor Alchemi: no video here
[11:33]  Alicia Stone: Hmm no video here, ATI/IBM video chip
[11:33]  Sun Tzu: an example of real world use of metaverse technology
[11:33]  Sun Tzu: try the url Alicia
[11:33]  Sun Tzu: to play it
[11:33]  Sun Tzu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bq5lXkEOeRE
[11:33]  Sun Tzu: we will wait a minute
[11:33]  Tessa Harrington: wow
[11:33]  Sun Tzu: for you to see
[11:33]  Tessa Harrington: nice
[11:34]  Alicia Stone: Playing now in youtube
[11:34]  Taff Nouvelle: watched it on utube instead
[11:35]  Johan Hagel: watching it now
[11:35]  Alicia Stone: It’s an interesting video
[11:35]  Tessa Harrington: ugh sorry my bad
[11:35]  Alicia Stone: the point and click interface with scene creation tools is important
[11:36]  Taff Nouvelle: I guess its being used as a replay to analyse a real world situation ?
[11:36]  Alicia Stone: Well it brings up the question of if the metaverse is simulation or augmentation of real life taff
[11:38]  Johan Hagel is Offline
[11:38]  Johan Hagel is Online
[11:38]  Alicia Stone: Well are we talking simulation or augmentation?
[11:38]  Sun Tzu: (1) What is the Metaverse Today?
[11:39]  Sun Tzu: Virginia noted it’s two main things: (1) social environment and (2) traditional classroom teaching in VW and things like this where we creating a video game
[11:39]  Alicia Stone: The metaverse is a way of augmenting the distance relationships and services we see today….
[11:40]  Sun Tzu: not a lot of blending
[11:40]  Alicia Stone: yes taff
[11:40]  Alicia Stone: augmentation
[11:40]  Virginia Dickenson: YES I collect palaces!
[11:40]  Sun Tzu: Taff noted more than just playing and teaching
[11:41]  Sun Tzu: Tessa noted need more substance
[11:41]  Sun Tzu: used for military and K-12
[11:42]  Sun Tzu: no
[11:42]  Sun Tzu: you good
[11:42]  Virginia Dickenson: That was great Tessa
[11:42]  Sun Tzu: Lomgren mentioned business aspects and charity applications
[11:44]  Sun Tzu: therapy related use ov VW technology
[11:44]  Sun Tzu: place url here
[11:44]  Virginia Dickenson: I have seen it…
[11:45]  Johan Hagel: http://bi.pndo.nl/?page_id=863
[11:45]  Alicia Stone: sorry was trying to look for a mic
[11:45]  Sun Tzu: Taff mentioned limitation is entry with thick client viewer
[11:45]  Inventor Alchemi: ok, i’m back nurse walked in
[11:46]  Sun Tzu: wb Inventer
[11:46]  Inventor Alchemi: ty
[11:46]  Virginia Dickenson: GORGEOUS
[11:46]  Alicia Stone: The metaverse is not about simulation it is about augmentation, like said, the woman who fell and broker her hip as a elderly woman can dance the latest dance moves in the metaverse..
[11:47]  Sun Tzu: I would say Alicia it is both
[11:47]  Virginia Dickenson: Agreed…application based
[11:48]  Sun Tzu: Virtual worlds for kids
[11:48]  Alicia Stone: I have spoken with you I think 🙂
[11:49]  Sun Tzu: Nanny application of virtual worlds?
[11:49]  Alicia Stone: YOu need the intereactive signs that I design for that tessa
[11:49]  Sun Tzu: What about for elderly?
[11:49]  Sun Tzu: Hearth care in teh homes?
[11:49]  Sun Tzu: I would love to be able to vitually interact with grandparents
[11:50]  Sun Tzu: tools used here to help with mesh and sculpt from primitive
[11:52]  Taff Nouvelle: server side baking would mean that Tessa would see peoples clothes properly rezzed 🙂
[11:53]  Alicia Stone: server side baking means higher IT costs, therefore higher cost to consumer….
[11:53]  Sun Tzu: Will post the notes on the 3D Web Think Tank site after meeting with the changes with viewers
[11:53]  Sun Tzu: https://3dwebthinktank.wordpress.com/
[11:53]  Sun Tzu: Johan talked about RL use of VWs
[11:54]  Virginia Dickenson: who needs to mute?
[11:54]  Sun Tzu: One such use is Real World Navigation System For Japanese Hospital Created With OpenSim Metaverse Technology: http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2009/07/3d-communication-navi-system.html
[11:55]  Sun Tzu: They did a touch style kiosk with opensim technolgoy
[11:55]  Sun Tzu: to help people navigate the hosptial
[11:55]  Alicia Stone: He’s right
[11:56]  Sun Tzu: Lomren mentioned we need to think about where technology is heading next
[11:57]  Alicia Stone: I will withdraw my grid efforts from the OMP to just being an asset resource clearning house for the metaverse..
[11:58]  Alicia Stone: Business does not want the game aspeact of things
[11:59]  Sun Tzu: Virginia noted that imprortant to have in a way that meets their needs in a configurable way
[11:59]  Sun Tzu: Tessa notes that we need to think about how to sell it
[12:00]  Sun Tzu: Avatar is crucial element to adoption
[12:00]  Alicia Stone: Joey, end user may not understand they need to wear an item in inventory, a click to wear object, say a menu driven wardrobe, is going to be essential
[12:00]  Virginia Dickenson: just to provide to their needs at the time, and then show them, over time – in baby steps
[12:00]  Sun Tzu: Otherwise they get eeeeeked out (creepy valley affect)
[12:00]  Sun Tzu: Great Virginia
[12:00]  Virginia Dickenson: (Believe me, I am the MOST impatient person on the planet!)
[12:01]  Sun Tzu: Graphic User Interface (GUI) needs to be made for humans not chimps
[12:01]  Alicia Stone: I see your bet virginia and raise you I would trace package lines on xmaz presents to guess what I had as a gift
[12:03]  Taff Nouvelle: photo mapping of avatars maybe?
[12:03]  Alicia Stone: Yes, LK has already adapted to that with her new IAR releases..
[12:03]  Sun Tzu: or google app
[12:03]  Lomgren Smalls: Part of the problem is that people want to make money, and thus make the “default” avatars as basic as possible to make you spend money on a “proper” avatar
[12:03]  Sun Tzu: on my phone
[12:04]  Virginia Dickenson: AGREED
[12:04]  Taff Nouvelle: yes
[12:04]  Sun Tzu: Johan mentioned that maybe we just need a simple browser
[12:04]  Ixmal Supermarine is Online
[12:04]  Sun Tzu: Welcoem Ixmal
[12:05]  Taff Nouvelle: Hi Ix 🙂
[12:05]  Sun Tzu: Virginia mentioend we keep goign back to tech
[12:05]  Sun Tzu: We need to stay broader
[12:05]  Virginia Dickenson: For today
[12:05]  Virginia Dickenson: 😀
[12:05]  Virginia Dickenson: Later we can run amok
[12:05]  Sun Tzu: Johan said to make a business case we need to think how users will use it
[12:05]  Virginia Dickenson: YAY IX IS HERE
[12:06]  Taff Nouvelle: he was
[12:06]  Ixmal Supermarine is Offline
[12:06]  Ixmal Supermarine is Online
[12:06]  Ixmal Supermarine: hi sorry I’m late
[12:07]  Alicia Stone: In the meanwhile you are overlooking the audience that is looking for fnished goods and yes, spending money….. it may surprise you all but people get a satisfaction out of value shopping…. where they actually pay over getting something for free
[12:07]  Sun Tzu: no problem
[12:07]  Taff Nouvelle: you got here, 🙂
[12:08]  Taff Nouvelle: I use a web store that has 3d rotation pictures of the things that I want t6o buy, that is a basic version of the virtual world use.
[12:08]  Tessa Harrington: yeppers taff
[12:09]  Alicia Stone: I like to spend money, dare to show me a woman like me that doesn’t?
[12:09]  Johan Hagel: heavy breather?
[12:09]  Johan Hagel: 8^)
[12:10]  Virginia Dickenson: LOL..was I panting? ;p
[12:10]  Johan Hagel: yep
[12:10]  Sun Tzu: Virginia noted it is a dance to constantly introdue metaverse technology
[12:10]  Sun Tzu: *introduce
[12:11]  Alicia Stone: When stroker open sourced his engine with animations and the MLP2 engine was released BSD, the bottom dropped out of the sex furniture biz in SL… animation prices/licenses rose however..
[12:11]  Sun Tzu: Virginia mentinoed using virtual worlds machinima to intro companies into it
[12:12]  Sun Tzu: Like the frog on the stove
[12:12]  Sun Tzu: don’t put them into hot water
[12:12]  Sun Tzu: takes them time to see the potential
[12:12]  Johan Hagel: somebudy flushing the toilet?
[12:12]  Virginia Dickenson: And it is about the APPLICATION of tech – you can have the GREATEST tech in the world; no application and your tech never gets used
[12:13]  Virginia Dickenson: not me
[12:13]  Virginia Dickenson: LOL
[12:13]  Virginia Dickenson: tied to the puter
[12:13]  Johan Hagel: lol
[12:13]  Virginia Dickenson: ROFL
[12:13]  Virginia Dickenson: LOL
[12:14]  Sun Tzu: that a good thing right?
[12:14]  Virginia Dickenson: it’s not sexist! It’s GIRL POWER
[12:14]  Virginia Dickenson: ;p
[12:14]  Johan Hagel: right!
[12:14]  Alicia Stone: exactly
[12:14]  Taff Nouvelle: Barbie power 😛
[12:14]  Virginia Dickenson: Sun: being tied to the computer?
[12:14]  Sun Tzu: RIght details are important INventor
[12:14]  Sun Tzu: not going there Virginia
[12:15]  Johan Hagel: maybe we have to create a few task forces (3 or so: tecnology perspective: user perspective: busniness perspective) an look at it from different point of view
[12:15]  Sun Tzu: Dont’ have an egninge?
[12:15]  Sun Tzu: we have amny
[12:15]  Sun Tzu: many
[12:15]  Johan Hagel: in those task forces
[12:15]  Tessa Harrington: excfellent idea johan :0
[12:16]  Ixmal Supermarine: you mean like a ‘standard format’?
[12:16]  Alicia Stone: Open GL is becoming embeddable
[12:16]  Taff Nouvelle: that was my point earlier 🙂
[12:16]  Johan Hagel: and then meet in the middle….to find out where the different views meet
[12:16]  Alicia Stone: Linux is unix
[12:17]  Sun Tzu: Inventor mentioned we need a free open source Metaverse kernel to be the central thing taht starts thing forward
[12:17]  Virginia Dickenson: This goes back to the template concept
[12:17]  Alicia Stone: sorry, the GNU operating system, Linux is Unix..
[12:17]  Lomgren Smalls: “Gnu’s Not Unix”
[12:18]  Ixmal Supermarine: Like spending on physical infrastructure; everyone benefits from it, but how is it to be paid for?
[12:19]  Sun Tzu: Inventor noted we need standars
[12:19]  Ixmal Supermarine: interoperability, yes
[12:19]  Tessa Harrington: LOL
[12:20]  Alicia Stone: I’ve already decided to fork OS at the 7.3.1 branch
[12:20]  Tessa Harrington: nods
[12:20]  Tessa Harrington: that’s what scares me about unity
[12:20]  Tessa Harrington: i almost prefer unreal
[12:20]  Tessa Harrington: cause its open source
[12:20]  Ixmal Supermarine: we want to make roads, not railroad tracks?
[12:21]  Sun Tzu: http://www.metaversestandards.org that is the IEEE group we did
[12:21]  Virginia Dickenson: standardization v. a limiting industry standard for a specific app
[12:22]  Sun Tzu: Tessa is here doing an intro of the back wall here, where she listed several virtual world and game technologies
[12:23]  Alicia Stone: The devil is in the license tessa….
[12:24]  Virginia Dickenson: Tessa is on a tear!@
[12:24]  Virginia Dickenson: 😀
[12:24]  Virginia Dickenson: YES YES YES
[12:25]  Johan Hagel: that is what I am trying to say all the time..look from at from the user point of view
[12:26]  Alicia Stone: So, OS needs a major overhaul, I am game, my C++ is good
[12:27]  Sun Tzu: Consumers want that sense of newness
[12:27]  Sun Tzu: on their mobile devices
[12:28]  Alicia Stone: Why not take the BSD licenses OpenSim and develop it to a fork project? or is aurorasim, because it is by russian developers being forgotten about
[12:28]  Alicia Stone: Alls passch!
[12:28]  Johan Hagel: are we here to improve Unity or are we together to look where the Metaverse is going to? I think that if user want it on the there mobile the technics will follow the market
[12:29]  Tessa Harrington: that’s hapepning now
[12:30]  Alicia Stone: Okay my question again, why not fork the OS engine and do the same transformation that is done with NTSC to digital?
[12:30]  Virginia Dickenson: Yes, Johan. I do’t want “gaming” quality vid and such
[12:30]  Virginia Dickenson: my client don’t care, and it just means they cannot use their in house pcs to get inworld
[12:31]  Ixmal Supermarine: Inventor had to leave us, anything for him I’ll take a message on his behalf
[12:31]  Virginia Dickenson: that is just ONE example, btw…
[12:31]  Johan Hagel: yep…so let us see how we can serve where the market ask for…
[12:31]  Sun Tzu: Sunny mentioned Pixieviewer
[12:31]  Sun Tzu: as a relatively open source license
[12:32]  Virginia Dickenson: Dick has to go for now!
[12:32]  Sun Tzu: http://login.eu.pixieviewer.com/#
[12:32]  Virginia Dickenson: but again, we are into a minutia point – Pixieviewer
[12:32]  Sun Tzu: http://pixieviewer.com/
[12:33]  Taff Nouvelle: its a profit security risk 😛
[12:34]  Alicia Stone: Many people banked their money on ask jeeves, google’s market strategy wiped them out… Ipad, iphone in closed source, it is doomed to eventually die
[12:34]  Lomgren Smalls: The problem with already talking about engines and viewers is that use cases and user requirements need to be discussed before you can decide engine tech
[12:34]  Virginia Dickenson: bhahahahha
[12:35]  Taff Nouvelle: that is the beauty of Sunny viewer, it is not specific
[12:35]  Lomgren Smalls: But the other thing is that current engines/viewers/virtual worlds may not have what we want/need in them
[12:35]  Tessa Harrington: nods
[12:35]  Tessa Harrington: k zero is very informative
[12:35]  Sun Tzu: http://www.kzero.co.uk/
[12:36]  Alicia Stone: Basing off the OpenSim code and forking is the logical choice…. I would’t worry about ipads and iphones at the moments are moreso web mobile applications
[12:36]  Taff Nouvelle: more important is what is NOT being done
[12:36]  Johan Hagel: omg…
[12:37]  Alicia Stone: one person has designed 90% of the opensim code
[12:37]  Virginia Dickenson: all good
[12:38]  Taff Nouvelle: your kids are LOUD Sunn
[12:38]  Sun Tzu: sorry got daycamp here today
[12:38]  Taff Nouvelle: hahaha
[12:38]  Johan Hagel: omg…i felt like in a zoo…8^)
[12:39]  Virginia Dickenson: ok, don’t take too much time on me on this detail..I get it. 😀
[12:39]  Sun Tzu: It ok Virginia
[12:39]  Virginia Dickenson: I feel like I am taking up too much time for the group…LOL.
[12:39]  Virginia Dickenson: thank you!
[12:39]  Sun Tzu: We appreciate what you saying
[12:40]  Sun Tzu: important for us to consider
[12:40]  Virginia Dickenson: RIGHT
[12:40]  Virginia Dickenson: that is my big concern
[12:40]  Tessa Harrington: yes
[12:41]  Ixmal Supermarine: I agree Johan – we need to identify what we mean by quality, or excellence, and see if we can make that easier to use
[12:41]  Tessa Harrington: love that!
[12:41]  Alicia Stone: is no one listening to me when I say I will work to develop the OpenSim code from the 7.3.1 branch?
[12:41]  Tessa Harrington: nods
[12:41]  Sun Tzu: thanks Johan
[12:41]  Tessa Harrington: oh sorry didn’t see that alicia
[12:41]  Tessa Harrington: ((Hugs)) its hard wsomehting cause we’re in voice
[12:42]  Tessa Harrington: and we stop reading i think
[12:42]  Alicia Stone: Yes I know C++, why not fork the OpenSim code to work based upon communication protocols?
[12:43]  Lomgren Smalls: I think the question to ask is “is OpenSim good enough to use as a base”
[12:43]  Lomgren Smalls: Well, one
[12:43]  Alicia Stone: Justin is the lead programmer for OS, and he runs more alts than my last boyfriend..
[12:43]  Taff Nouvelle: haha
[12:43]  Virginia Dickenson: GAH
[12:43]  Virginia Dickenson: LOL
[12:44]  Johan Hagel: right
[12:44]  Virginia Dickenson: There ya go, Joey!
[12:44]  Lomgren Smalls: In other words… we need visionaries.
[12:44]  Ixmal Supermarine: I agree
[12:44]  Alicia Stone: I registered the day before yesterday, the web domain of OpenMeteaverseProject.com
[12:44]  Taff Nouvelle: main thing for me is easier methods of access, eg, browser based access to anything.
[12:45]  Tessa Harrington: nods
[12:45]  Tessa Harrington: have you tried the 3d web plugin taff?
[12:45]  Taff Nouvelle: the 2d web is the big now, and we need to link the 2
[12:45]  Taff Nouvelle: haha as Sun just said 🙂
[12:45]  Tessa Harrington: that at least puts openims on a web page
[12:45]  Taff Nouvelle: no I havent Tessa, but again that it is specific to SO3d
[12:46]  Alicia Stone: The WWW consortium is in bed with icann, good luck on getting them to see you as an equal player, LOL
[12:46]  Ixmal Supermarine: I am interested in promoting the user point-of-view in a way that gives useful ideas to technical folk…I love the idea of making it all mutually reinforcing [but not webnazi of course]
[12:46]  Taff Nouvelle: that would be browser based I guess?
[12:47]  Sun Tzu: Here is my thought on browser based
[12:47]  Sun Tzu: It’s great for ease of use
[12:47]  Sun Tzu: but not always for application for evetyhing
[12:47]  Virginia Dickenson: YAY! Modules and templates!
[12:47]  Virginia Dickenson: whoohoo!
[12:47]  Sun Tzu: maybe have a thick client for some things
[12:47]  Sun Tzu: and thin for others
[12:47]  Sun Tzu: students want to acces easy
[12:47]  Taff Nouvelle: indeed perfect
[12:48]  Sun Tzu: on mobile
[12:48]  Sun Tzu: and web
[12:48]  Virginia Dickenson: well done, Sun
[12:48]  Sun Tzu: but content developers may need a thick client
[12:48]  Johan Hagel: still playing indian with the kids around you, Sun? 8^)
[12:49]  Taff Nouvelle: user client web browser based, creator thick client, which is how the 2d web works
[12:49]  Johan Hagel: i hear a little rubber duck…
[12:49]  Alicia Stone: I will look at unity and I will look at unreal and opensim….. I will open a development site with OMP that works to develop a virtual world server base from one of those
[12:49]  Sun Tzu: my dog with the duckie
[12:49]  Virginia Dickenson: LOL…sun is talking to us, but his arms are roped to his sides, and they are putting a pile of wood at his feet…his hands only can type, no arms! ROFL
[12:49]  Johan Hagel: lol
[12:50]  Virginia Dickenson: this is not yo mama’s virtual world
[12:50]  Sun Tzu: but it may be your granddaughters
[12:51]  Sun Tzu: Unity is an exception for indy devs
[12:51]  Lomgren Smalls: (and an ugly penny)
[12:51]  Sun Tzu: Unreal same way — expensive for source
[12:51]  Virginia Dickenson: ActiLOL
[12:52]  Alicia Stone: The devil is in the license… while the grid cannot make money, users of such are more than free (and subsidaries of the parent) to do such
[12:52]  Sun Tzu: ALso they have Garage Games engine now for free which is Torque 3D
[12:56]  Ixmal Supermarine: mocap?
[12:56]  Virginia Dickenson: ok, I am biting my tongue
[12:56]  Virginia Dickenson: hard
[12:56]  Johan Hagel: omg…not my balls?
[12:56]  Sun Tzu: geeeesssh
[12:56]  Sun Tzu: keep it friendly
[12:56]  Virginia Dickenson: LMAO
[12:56]  Virginia Dickenson: THANK YOU, JOhan!
[12:56]  Johan Hagel: np
[12:57]  Johan Hagel: pff..it is getting hot here…
[12:57]  Sun Tzu: i didn’t realize there.com is bakc online
[12:58]  Sun Tzu: oh no
[12:58]  Sun Tzu: redlight teaching kids???
[12:58]  Virginia Dickenson: They were so great and so much potential..but they made it clear to me that AW was NOT going to develop in the direction in which we were interesting
[12:58]  Virginia Dickenson: interested
[12:58]  Sun Tzu scratches head on taht one
[12:58]  Sun Tzu: well sometimes the sex industry advances faster than others
[12:59]  Taff Nouvelle: always 🙂
[12:59]  Johan Hagel: not the balls again…
[12:59]  Taff Nouvelle: hahaha
[12:59]  Sun Tzu: can you spell that last one?
[12:59]  Sun Tzu: Tundra?
[13:00]  Virginia Dickenson: YES, SEX is the first developer! they get the bank! And the people. LOL…no one wants to say it; it is soooo true
[13:00]  Virginia Dickenson: Gotcha!!!
[13:00]  Virginia Dickenson: 😀
[13:00]  Virginia Dickenson: I am getting her some sleepnig pills
[13:01]  Virginia Dickenson: ;p
[13:01]  Sun Tzu: SL has long been the model
[13:01]  Sun Tzu: we need to move past taht model
[13:02]  Virginia Dickenson: AGREED Sun!!
[13:02]  Lomgren Smalls: Well, maybe we need to ask the question “Why is SL the model” as well
[13:02]  Sun Tzu: It is all about the metadata…as more metadata can be esily used…that opens up the possibilities for the art of the possible
[13:03]  Virginia Dickenson: SL was given 30 mill in 3 years for venture; that is how they became the model in terms of apps. But not a great model for profit
[13:04]  Taff Nouvelle: Sl is the model really because it has the most users.
[13:04]  Sun Tzu: Well what you expect with CEOs that wear a 70s party outfit … and new CEO dresses in a toga
[13:04]  Sun Tzu: It starts at the top
[13:04]  Sun Tzu: Top down leadership and vision
[13:05]  Sun Tzu: SL was designed for fun
[13:05]  Taff Nouvelle: leadership? in SL ?
[13:05]  Sun Tzu: I know oxymoron
[13:05]  Taff Nouvelle: nor do I
[13:05]  Sun Tzu: Have been using that in gaming with OnLive
[13:05]  Alicia Stone: After getting called a self soiling mindless user by philip, I tend not to have any dedication to SL
[13:05]  Sun Tzu: same guy that made WebTV
[13:06]  Sun Tzu: I have no voice just so you know
[13:06]  Sun Tzu: SO i be MR. Text today
[13:06]  Virginia Dickenson: The finger?
[13:06]  Sun Tzu: Okay next point
[13:06]  Ixmal Supermarine: thank you Tessa
[13:06]  Virginia Dickenson: oh
[13:06]  Johan Hagel: the one in the middle?
[13:06]  Sun Tzu: (2) What do we want the Metaverse to be in the Future?
[13:06]  Virginia Dickenson: Will wanted to be a dot
[13:06]  Sun Tzu: Tessa I have no voice
[13:06]  Sun Tzu: so can you please push to point #2
[13:06]  Taff Nouvelle: should be GO
[13:07]  Alicia Stone: tessa woooo hooo, the chair has no voice!
[13:07]  Johan Hagel: whahahaha…
[13:07]  Alicia Stone: Tessa if I get naked will it get your attention?
[13:07]  Taff Nouvelle: it will get mine Alicia 😛
[13:08]  Sun Tzu: What do you want the Metaverse to be in the future?
[13:08]  Alicia Stone: Point noted taff 😉
[13:08]  Taff Nouvelle: hahahaha
[13:08]  Virginia Dickenson: clarify?
[13:08]  Sun Tzu: What are some future use cases for the future of the Metaverse?
[13:08]  Virginia Dickenson: I think I do
[13:09]  Taff Nouvelle: I want it to be the new web. simple 🙂
[13:09]  Taff Nouvelle: already being tried by Google I believe
[13:09]  Sun Tzu: Use Cases For The Future

1. Google Maps & Mission Rehearsals 3dapp
Military,Corporate, Real Estate,City Planning
2. Parallel/Mirror Worlds
First Responders, Tourism, City Planning,
Historical Re-Enactment, Revising History Rp
3. Real Estate Applications
Replication Preplanning, Tourism, Biz Rating
[13:10]  Alicia Stone: Continutiy of Gov’t project MOSES
[13:10]  Johan Hagel: use cases: education, building construction, tourisme, look at the mind map
[13:10]  Sun Tzu: 4. Entertainment & Infotainment
Becoming The Movie
Geo Friends & Product Usage Incentives –
Gamifying The Purchasing Experience Rewarding
Real Life To Inworld And Vice Versa
[13:10]  Virginia Dickenson: industrial and manufacturing training
[13:10]  Johan Hagel: museum
[13:10]  Virginia Dickenson: safety and IH training
[13:10]  Virginia Dickenson: immersive art therapy
[13:10]  Ixmal Supermarine: What I think I’ll do is write an essay about what I would LIKE the metaverse to look like in, say, 2023. I’ll keep it short. You have to have a dream…
[13:10]  Johan Hagel: hollodeck
[13:10]  Virginia Dickenson: other tyeps of immersive therapy
[13:10]  Tessa Harrington: awesome ixie 🙂
[13:10]  Taff Nouvelle: that sounds like the star trek holo decxk 🙂
[13:11]  Tessa Harrington: you too virginia
[13:11]  Tessa Harrington: i lvoe that sun
[13:11]  Virginia Dickenson: I like that idea, Ixie!!! Copying you!
[13:11]  Ixmal Supermarine: feel free!
[13:11]  Sun Tzu: 5. Remotely Control Mechanisms
Remote Warfare Dilute Emotional Impact,
Reduces The Financial Impact Of War Delivery
[13:12]  Johan Hagel: simulation, behavior, trafic simulation
[13:12]  Alicia Stone: You talk about yourself in third person….
[13:12]  Virginia Dickenson: See why I want to stalk you, Ixie?
[13:12]  Francisco Koolhoven: btw, all these points are listed on the EZNotes boards behind us
[13:12]  Ixmal Supermarine: >chortle<
[13:12]  Johan Hagel: scenario analyses
[13:13]  Johan Hagel: you ahve to get back as an indian to you kids probably…8^)
[13:13]  Johan Hagel: have
[13:13]  Virginia Dickenson: One of them has the lighter
[13:13]  Johan Hagel: smoke signals?
[13:13]  Sun Tzu’s feet getting hot
[13:13]  Virginia Dickenson: to set the white devil on fire
[13:13]  Sun Tzu blows out lighter flame
[13:14]  Alicia Stone: register for my grid tessa, I will talk with you 🙂
[13:14]  Ixmal Supermarine: DO WE HAVE A POPE??
[13:14]  Sun Tzu: Alicia…would you like to host for next month on your grid?
[13:14]  Johan Hagel: no..black smoke
[13:14]  Ixmal Supermarine: pshaw
[13:15]  Alicia Stone: I am not sure mr tzu…
[13:15]  Sun Tzu: ok np
[13:15]  Sun Tzu: WE just open to hosting on other grids too
[13:15]  Sun Tzu: Dont’ want people to think this is only Spoton3D
[13:16]  Alicia Stone: Yes I will host
[13:16]  Alicia Stone: Name the region name you need for the event and I will host it
[13:16]  Taff Nouvelle: I live there 🙂
[13:16]  Lomgren Smalls: I mostly in SL anyway, heh
[13:16]  Sun Tzu: Nice
[13:16]  Sun Tzu: ty
[13:17]  Alicia Stone: I have vivox yes
[13:17]  Sun Tzu: great
[13:18]  Francisco Koolhoven: it’s still running well for me too
[13:18]  Virginia Dickenson: Taht is a biiiiit pricey
[13:18]  Virginia Dickenson: I am in!
[13:18]  Virginia Dickenson: Just let me know what you want!
[13:19]  Ixmal Supermarine: I got two other Brits who are up for that too, the MOSES test.
[13:19]  Johan Hagel: yeah..i have heared from it…
[13:19]  Alicia Stone: Yes, but how do you fax in a copy of your signature without a fax machine sun?
[13:19]  Sun Tzu: The U.S. Army’s Research, Development, and Engineering Command (RDECOM) will be looking for people to join with Intel and STTC (Simulation and Training Technology Center) for “User Scalability Experiment 1” on Friday, March 22 from 1800 EST to 2000 EST (3-5 pm SLT).  This will be on a special configuration of the Project MOSES (Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy) grid with Intel configuring a grid with DSG (Distributed Scene Graph) to allow for massively more avatars to take part.  The scenario is set in the fictional town of Brentville, Atropia, which possesses significant oil and gas reserves in both the northeast and the Caspian Sea. Further, the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline, one of the most critical infrastructure components in the region, originates near its capital city. These rich natural resources generate potential threats from external forces.  The Redmine Wiki provides the goals, objectives, and role play parts of the experiment. Feel free to pass the link alo
[13:20]  Johan Hagel: do you still use faxes?
[13:20]  Virginia Dickenson: 😀
[13:20]  Sun Tzu: Feel free to pass the link along to your colleagues who may be interested in participating. We are looking for a minimum of 100 users, more are welcome.  The registration page for the experiment is coming soon. For more information, please see:
[13:21]  Virginia Dickenson: *nods*
[13:22]  Taff Nouvelle: the sites security certificate is not trusted, oops 🙂
[13:22]  Virginia Dickenson: I think it looks great!
[13:22]  Alicia Stone: Give me a free fax site sun and I will sign up 🙂
[13:22]  Virginia Dickenson: It’s fine, Taff, go on in
[13:22]  Alicia Stone: hold on give me 3 mins tessa
[13:22]  Taff Nouvelle: I did 🙂
[13:23]  Ixmal Supermarine: Thanks!
[13:24]  Francisco Koolhoven: lol
[13:24]  Sun Tzu offers Virginia a bit of cheese to go with her WHINE
[13:24]  Lomgren Smalls chuckles
[13:24]  Ixmal Supermarine: MARCH 31 – SUNDAY – ALICIA’S GRID
[13:24]  Sun Tzu: Are AVATARS bigger in Texas?
[13:24]  Taff Nouvelle: hahahaha
[13:25]  Johan Hagel: can you give us a link to make an avatar there?
[13:25]  Sun Tzu: do the Armadilla Crawl
[13:25]  Ixmal Supermarine: I like HOT tamales
[13:25]  Sun Tzu: we drink to eat right?
[13:25]  Ixmal Supermarine: God’s own gas
[13:26]  Sun Tzu: 2 die 4 or from??
[13:26]  Ixmal Supermarine: Alicia – how do we make avvies for your Grid please?
[13:26]  Alicia Stone: Okay was that quick enough?
[13:26]  Virginia Dickenson: *hugs to all*
[13:27]  Virginia Dickenson: Sun: nope, good food, won’t kill ya!
[13:27]  Alicia Stone: http://openmetaverseproject.com/
[13:27]  Alicia Stone: Just two defaults right now
[13:27]  Alicia Stone: male and feamle
[13:27]  Alicia Stone: female*
[13:27]  Sun Tzu: ok great
[13:27]  Sun Tzu: thanks everyone
[13:28]  Sun Tzu: My av is SL is Joey Aboma
[13:28]  Francisco Koolhoven: lol
[13:28]  Virginia Dickenson: yup
[13:28]  Virginia Dickenson: from the virtual mutha
[13:28]  Virginia Dickenson: LOL
[13:29]  Lomgren Smalls: Heh
[13:29]  Ixmal Supermarine: Cheerio people!
[13:30]  Taff Nouvelle: bye all see you next time 🙂


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