Metaverse Kickstarter Ideas

Pick your favorite idea for a kickstarter from the Top 10 Metaverse Brainstorming Ideas by 9 pm SLT on Sunday (12 May 2013). But choose wisely since you have only one choice. Depending on the ideas, we may file for funds for between one and three of these concepts via or

Some additional ideas for consideration
(but not selected for voting):

  • KILLER APP. We need an idea of what a “killer app” is for 3D. We have lots of infrastructure ideas and technologies behind stuff… but what makes 3D a “must have?” 3D won’t take off until we have the killer app. Yes, we do need to discuss technologies and how to improve… but 3D will stay niche unless we have that killer app.
  • VOLUMETRIC VIEWER. Develop a volumetric interface/client viewer with a focus on enhanced immersion with head mounted devices like Oculus Rift while avoiding disembodied hands.
  • TALES FROM THE METAVERSE. Compile stories, comic books, magazines, or movies with virtual world themes. This could be inspired by what Drax is doing with his creator series.
  • VIRTUAL COMMUNITIES OF INTEREST. Develop specific sims, grids, or communities centered around specific themes. Provide rich immersive experiences with funding rewards to offer special perks, objects from the build, sim space, and/or special positions or acknowledgement to kickstart contributors. For example, with a Regency-themed environment you would get a combination of clothes, objects like a special horse and carriage, noble titles or space on the sim for different levels of funding. If the build had an educational area and supporting materials were created, access to it could be offered to schools for a small annual subscription fee to help sustain the build/material.
  • ANIMATION. Leap motion and Kinect direct animation of avatars is another possible kick starter project.
  • CUDA & AI. Distributed use of Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) coordinated via virtual worlds for AI work or even AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) work.
  • APP CAPTURE. Being able to capture any app window to in world MOAP (Media on a Prim) is possible project.
  • SECURE CLOUD. Federated secure cloud development, hooked-up to VW. The “Secure Cloud” could be very useful.
  • MODULAR VIEWERS. Allow for extension and 3d record/playback.
  • MACHINIMA. Help with faster development for video production
  • MIXED REALITY KITS. Develop simulcast kits for real/world – virtual events
  • PLUG-INS. Plug-in server definition modules.
  • GROUP BROWSER. Capability where all clients see the same thing to provide for in-world MOAP / education / business
  • CROSS-GRIDS CAPABILITY. Teleporting between grids would be nice.
  • MINIMALIST VIEWER. Was mentioned this might be inspired by “Radegast” viewer.
  • SANDBOX VIEWER. Viewer that provides sandbox local sim module, with save/upload capability. Need a way to map your inventory to a (private) sim, to pick it over?
  • SCALABILITY. Being able to scale up so that more avatars can meet together simultaneously to have 1,000 or more avatars on a sim. That makes so much possible. (Intel is already working on this one along with the U.S. Army in Project MOSES)
  • BACKUP. Secure backup of Inventory, so you don’t lose stuff — even though only accessable through viewer. (We already have IARs and OARs in OpenSim)
  • EMOTIONS. Provide capability for real facial expressions possibly from Kinect. Everquest already has facial animation that reads your face through the webcam.
  • AUTOMATIC CLOTHES BUYING. Using their accurate 3d avatar, this might be a killer app.
  • A SCRATCH/VIEWER. Interface to use in education.

We intend to follow up with the following:

  1. POLL. This Web-based poll will be open for one week to allow people to vote for their favorite idea
  2. FOLLOW UP. Meeting on 19 May 2013 to announce the winning ideas and flesh out these concepts a bit more to ensure we have enough detail and costing data to apply for the kick starters
  3. FILE. Submit kick starters for funding and socially market these out to the right audiences for interested investors
  4. RESOURCE. Put out a call for developers (as needed) and keep community informed on developments
  5. DELIVER. Provide technology to further the business of the Metaverse

A short blog post with some images of this meeting:

Metaverse Brainstorming Session
Metaverse Brainstorming Session

Full text chat from the brain storming session on 05 May 2013 is posted at:


4 responses to “Metaverse Kickstarter Ideas

  1. Asset (and prehaps other) datastore as a service. I think it can be done much more efficiently than in the standard model (Kitely for one seems to have done a better variant) and such things can be a speciality that does not need to be duplicated across grids. As a bonus it makes reasonable IP enforcement and hypergrid much easier to do and do efficiently and securely.

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  4. S.M. Claassen (aka Octavio Leshelle)

    The educational/serious gaming aspect of Metacademy offers an overarching platform for the competing technological and other proposals along with exploration for a “killer app”, while bridging VW and RL contributes to increasing mass appeal (among other ways through exploiting Augmented Reality).

    As for standardization, there is an IEEE VW Standard Working Group .

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