New World Grid meeting of 9 April 2013

The following text chat is from the April 9, 2013 meeting on the New World Grid with Olivier Battini to learn more about his grid and vision for the future.   These meetings are announced via Google+ in the NWG community group:

[12:23] Olivier Battini: Pas encore, c’est en test privé. Ca devrait etre dispo dans la semaine.
[12:23] Olivier Battini: Reprise progressive également.
[12:23] Olivier Battini: Hi Sun 🙂
[12:23] New World:
> Vous êtes dans la zone d’accueil.
> Ici, vous pourrez rencontrer d’autres résidents et demander de l’aide.
> You are at the welcome zone.
> Here, you can meet other residents and ask for help.
[12:23] Jeff.Kelley @ Hello Sun
[12:24] Sun Tzu: Hello
[12:24] Olivier Battini: Good evening Sun, welcome to NWG 🙂
[12:24] ParcDesArts.katia Hello Sun
[12:24] Olivier Battini: Va falloir prévoir les babblers.
[12:24] Olivier Battini: 🙂
[12:24] Olivier Battini: How are you Sun ? the sandbox access is now OK.
[12:25] Sun Tzu: Merci
[12:25] Olivier Battini: Are you french Sun ? Or do you speak in a bit french ? 🙂
[12:25] Sun Tzu: No but I lived in Europe several years with the U.S. Navy
[12:26] Olivier Battini: Oh great 🙂
[12:26] Sun Tzu: the skin and shape parts don’t seem to stick between logins
[12:26] Sun Tzu: shape fixed it
[12:27] Olivier Battini: ok
[12:27] Olivier Battini: Alors quoi de neuf Katia ?
[12:28] ParcDesArts.katia pas grand chose, toujours les expos et la communication, bientot l’AG
[12:28] Sun Tzu: Do you have an inworld translator?
[12:28] ParcDesArts.katia que du banal 🙂
[12:28] Olivier Battini: Ok
[12:29] Sun Tzu: Sorry. I took French in high school, but I am quite rusty at it
[12:29] Olivier Battini: Sun, not yet. Do you have some.
[12:29] Sun Tzu: Let me check online
[12:29] Olivier Battini: We can probably try to speak either english together, or speak both languages.
[12:31] Olivier Battini: Roddie is coming I think.
[12:31] Sun Tzu: Do you have cs as scripting language enabled?
[12:31] Olivier Battini: Katia, Sun, did you already visit 3D physics and 3D chemistry ?
[12:31] Sun Tzu: I have not
[12:32] Sun Tzu: I have used your self hosted technology for Rasmussen College
[12:32] Sun Tzu: but only visited here briefly this morning
[12:32] Olivier Battini: Ok, np 🙂 I think that will be of interrest for you.
[12:32] Jeff.Kelley @ so, you are a New World Studio user, Sun ?
[12:32] Sun Tzu: Yes Jeff with the self hosted
[12:33] Sun Tzu: I contacted Oliveier about network connections
[12:33] Sun Tzu: Trying to make things more app easy
[12:33] Sun Tzu: for everyone to self host
[12:33] Sun Tzu: but also looking at the future of the Metaverse
[12:33] Sun Tzu: I think we need to get past OpenSim and SL too
[12:33] Sun Tzu: I chair the 3D Web Think Tank
[12:34] Sun Tzu:
[12:34] Sun Tzu: and am a developer with Project MOSES
[12:34] Jeff.Kelley @ good question, what is the future of the Metaverse, or maybe : is there a future for the Metaverse
[12:34] Sun Tzu: do work with the U.S. Army
[12:34] Jeff.Kelley @ i’ve heard of MOSES
[12:34] Sun Tzu: Here is my portfolio:
[12:35] Olivier Battini: Oh that’s great. These are interresting things.
[12:35] Olivier Battini: Thanks for the links.
[12:35] Sun Tzu: NPP
[12:35] Sun Tzu: NP
[12:35] Sun Tzu: I just designed an 11-week course for Rasmussen College on Engineering Virtual WOrlds that will be taught at 24 locations in USA
[12:36] Sun Tzu: And am now helping with the Bachelor Degree program redesign
[12:36] Jeff.Kelley @ wait a minute, this is opensim in a web browser ?
[12:36] Sun Tzu: for Simulation and Game Design
[12:37] Sun Tzu: what is OpenSim in a web browser?
[12:37] Jeff.Kelley @ what i see on your page, it looke like firefox
[12:37] Olivier Battini: Good evening Oz 🙂 Welcome to NWG 🙂
[12:37] Oz Ozram: Hi everyone!
[12:38] Jeff.Kelley @ Hi Oz
[12:38] Sun Tzu: There are several tricks to look like OpenSim in a web browser
[12:38] Sun Tzu: but I don’t think anyone has done that yet
[12:38] Sun Tzu: THought Pixie Viewer may soon
[12:38] Sun Tzu: though
[12:38] Jeff.Kelley @ oh Unity 3D, yes
[12:38] Sun Tzu: Yes I work with Unity too
[12:38] Oz Ozram: I am actually Steve Franklin- apparently my old info got purged and I had to resign up. I never got the e-mail back from NWG to confirm me
[12:38] Olivier Battini: Yes, that has been done bi IBM some years ago, and by SpotOn3D recently.
[12:39] Olivier Battini: Hey Steve 🙂
[12:39] Sun Tzu: Yes looks like you just started this grid a couple weeks ago?
[12:39] Olivier Battini: Yes we are on the new grid here.
[12:39] ParcDesArts.katia Bonsoir Oz
[12:39] Sun Tzu: I have a megaregion on SpotOn3D too
[12:39] Sun Tzu: for Rasmussen College
[12:39] Oz Ozram: ah so all the old people info is gone?
[12:39] Olivier Battini: Ca va Katia avec l’anglais ?
[12:39] Sun Tzu: I gave them a copy of the Universal Campus for free to get the college interested in teaching in world
[12:40] ParcDesArts.katia pas vraiment, mais je comprends que cela ne me concerne pas, pas de pb
[12:40] Olivier Battini: Yes, we wrote about that on the blog more than one month ago so everyone could make the transition and backup data.
[12:40] Oz Ozram: Oh dear- I missed that!
[12:40] Oz Ozram: lol
[12:40] Olivier Battini: Cela concerne tout le monde, mais si tu as des soucis il ne faut pas hésiter à le dire.
[12:41] Oz Ozram: It would be nice to have an IAR!
[12:41] Oz Ozram: but that is ok
[12:41] Sun Tzu: I like your builder IAR for the guy with the yellow top hat
[12:41] Oz Ozram: is NWG hypergrid enabled?
[12:41] Olivier Battini: Yes Oz
[12:41] Oz Ozram: ah very good
[12:41] Sun Tzu: He translates across cultures well I think
[12:41] Oz Ozram: that will simplify things a bit
[12:41] Olivier Battini: Katia, je demandais, est-ce que tu as visité les régions 3D physics et 3D chemistry ?
[12:42] Oz Ozram: so we are getting a viewer in a browser now?
[12:42] Oz Ozram: that is something that has been spoken about for some time
[12:42] Sun Tzu: Well they have a few ways to get a viewer in a browser
[12:42] ParcDesArts.katia non, pas de soucis , je te repondais que je ne comprends pas, mais je sais que ce n’est pas de votre faute, pas de pb Olivier 🙂
[12:42] Olivier Battini: Thanks Sun, that avatar has been design by Slim Jammies with Linda Kellie cothing.
[12:43] Sun Tzu: 1 – SpotOn3D does a wrapper around the EXE
[12:43] Sun Tzu: so it looks like in a web page
[12:43] Sun Tzu: but actually runs the full program
[12:43] Olivier Battini: Nous parlons des viewers and le navigateur Katia.
[12:43] Olivier Battini: Ce qu’a fait SpotOn3D notamment.
[12:43] Sun Tzu: 2 – Kitely launches from a web page
[12:43] Oz Ozram: There is a place called utherverse that does something like that but it doen not really work very well
[12:43] ParcDesArts.katia ok
[12:44] Sun Tzu: 3 – Tipodean can convert from OAR to Collada file, but it is one mesh for the full sim
[12:44] Oz Ozram: Is there anything that works on Mac?
[12:44] Jeff.Kelley @ can a web browser really rival with a native client for building, or is it a “browse-only” solution?
[12:45] Sun Tzu: well SpotON does for Mac, but not in web view
[12:45] Oz Ozram: Kitely launches that way then transfers to a regular viewer last i knew
[12:45] Olivier Battini: Il y a différentes solutions de viewer dans le navigateur, avec Kitely et Tipodean…
[12:45] Sun Tzu: I have hope for mobile clients soon
[12:45] Sun Tzu: with work recently success on Android
[12:45] Olivier Battini: There’s Lumiya, Sun.
[12:45] Oz Ozram: there is one for android that is not too bad
[12:45] Sun Tzu: Yes
[12:45] Oz Ozram: yes lumiya
[12:46] Olivier Battini: Viewer sur mobiles Android, il y a Lumiya.
[12:46] Sun Tzu: But nothing really that great on iPhone yet
[12:46] Oz Ozram: true
[12:46] Sun Tzu: not full 3D yet on IPhone and iPad
[12:46] Jeff.Kelley @ frankly, i may be dumb but i don’t see the point of having opensim in a web browser
[12:46] Sun Tzu: ok Jeff
[12:46] Oz Ozram: I am anxiously waiting for opensim on an ipad!
[12:46] Sun Tzu: look at it this way
[12:46] Jeff.Kelley @ just asking
[12:46] Sun Tzu: it’s about access
[12:46] Sun Tzu: just like real estate
[12:46] Sun Tzu: location, location, location
[12:46] Olivier Battini: Access in a click.
[12:47] Oz Ozram: well theoretically it wouls make it easier to get into a virtual world
[12:47] Sun Tzu: if people can’t get in
[12:47] Sun Tzu: you limit audience
[12:47] Sun Tzu: and many at work
[12:47] Sun Tzu: can
[12:47] Sun Tzu: can not install an EXE on their work computer
[12:47] Jeff.Kelley @ right
[12:47] Sun Tzu: or may be on a home network
[12:47] Sun Tzu: with restrictions
[12:47] Sun Tzu: sooooo
[12:47] Sun Tzu: thick client is a what the Navy would call a “Choke Point”
[12:48] Sun Tzu: bottle neck there
[12:48] Olivier Battini: Agreed about access. A web viewer would allow immediate access.
[12:48] Jeff.Kelley @ i see “thick client” as “power client” because i’m content-creation geared
[12:48] Sun Tzu: but not all I think will use thin client
[12:48] Olivier Battini: Je suis d’accord, un viewer web permettrait un accès rapide et instantanné.
[12:48] Sun Tzu: the future in my opinion
[12:48] Sun Tzu: is a framework model
[12:49] Sun Tzu: where all different virtual environments can bulid upon
[12:49] Olivier Battini: Yes, web viewer could foster OpenSim adoption, while regular viewer will allow for more powerful features.
[12:49] Sun Tzu: common standards
[12:49] Sun Tzu: and integrate technologies
[12:49] Sun Tzu: some may have parts of opensim technology
[12:49] Sun Tzu: and others
[12:49] Olivier Battini: Oui, un viewer web pourrait accélérer l’adoption d’OpenSim, pendant qu’un viewer comme Imprudence permettra des fonctions plus avancées.
[12:50] Oz Ozram: yes
[12:50] Sun Tzu: One such model was released last year at GameTech by Lockheed Martin
[12:50] Sun Tzu: called the Virtual World Framework
[12:50] ParcDesArts.katia celui ci avance rapidemant.. mais pas encore operationnel mais c’est le futur
[12:51] Sun Tzu: based off HTML5, WEbGL, WEb Sockets, and Javascript
[12:51] Olivier Battini: Tout à fait d’accord Katia, il faut espérer qu’il devienne vite fonctionnel.
[12:51] Sun Tzu:
[12:51] Sun Tzu: Source code is on Github
[12:51] ParcDesArts.katia merci Sun
[12:51] Sun Tzu:
[12:51] Sun Tzu: YW
[12:52] Sun Tzu: So is there a particular focus for these meetings, Olivier? I do not want to hog the discussion too much
[12:53] Olivier Battini: Np Sun. Well there’s nothing planned for this evening. I’ve very busy around New World Studio. – Il n’y a rien de prévu pour ce soir. J’ai été occupé autour de NWS.
[12:53] Olivier Battini: But I can tell more about NWG.
[12:53] Sun Tzu: ok
[12:53] ParcDesArts.katia no problem Sun 🙂
[12:53] Sun Tzu: Well two things you might like
[12:53] Sun Tzu: I think
[12:53] Olivier Battini: Mais je peux en dire plus à propos de NWG.
[12:53] Sun Tzu: At the last 3D round table
[12:53] Olivier Battini: Yes ?
[12:54] Sun Tzu: Sunny Salamander talked a bit about Pixie Viewer
[12:54] Oz Ozram: So NWG is all new? None of the old stuff?
[12:54] Sun Tzu: He hopes to hook it up to OpenSim soon
[12:54] Sun Tzu: but also other virtual environments too
[12:54] Sun Tzu: and second
[12:54] Olivier Battini: Sounds great
[12:54] Olivier Battini: I’m looking forward to it.
[12:54] Sun Tzu: What do you think about adding something to NWS?
[12:54] Sun Tzu: for a pre-made marketplace
[12:55] Sun Tzu: framework
[12:55] Jeff.Kelley @ OARs
[12:55] Olivier Battini: A quoi penses-tu Sun ? What do you think about Sun ?
[12:55] Sun Tzu: I know of a nice one that is open source
[12:55] Sun Tzu: Made for U.S. Government but open for all
[12:55] Olivier Battini: An OAR marketplace downloadable from NWS ? Un marketplace pour OARs téléchargeables depuis NWS ?
[12:55] Jeff.Kelley @ a choice of OAR /un choix d’OAR ?
[12:55] Sun Tzu: yes could be used for OARs and IARs and XML and Collada, etc.
[12:56] Sun Tzu: full shopping market
[12:56] Oz Ozram: hmmm a good idea. We have a few OARs we could share
[12:56] Olivier Battini: Would be interresting to have that yes ! Ce serait intéressant d’avoir cela oui !
[12:56] Sun Tzu: I thought maybe tie it into the exisiting Opensim resrources online
[12:57] Sun Tzu: Let me get you some links
[12:57] Olivier Battini: Thanks Sun !
[12:57] Jeff.Kelley @ if NWS supports megaregions, could you bind the Universal Campus, thta souns good fo academic users
[12:57] Sun Tzu: ADL 3D Repository – Advanced Distributed Learning
[12:58] Sun Tzu: Here is an example of it in action
[12:58] Sun Tzu:
[12:58] Oz Ozram: Is NWG going to be an open grid or a closed grid?
[12:58] Sun Tzu: ADL 3DR is now open source
February 14, 2012
by admin
[12:58] Jeff.Kelley @ collada?
[12:58] Sun Tzu:
[12:58] Sun Tzu: Source code on Github
[12:58] Sun Tzu:
[12:58] Olivier Battini: Very interresting.
[12:59] Sun Tzu: My thought is to take some of this content
[12:59] Sun Tzu: from many opensim resources
[12:59] Sun Tzu: and find a way to bring together
[12:59] Sun Tzu: Where to get content for OpenSim
[12:59] Oz Ozram: ah yes
[12:59] Sun Tzu:
[12:59] Olivier Battini: Oz, NWG is still a semi closed grid, just as before. We are open to Hypergrid but we are concerned by security, stability and performance, this is why we don’t accept external regions.
[12:59] Oz Ozram: a great idea
[12:59] Sun Tzu: That is the best list I have found of OpenSim resrources
[13:00] Oz Ozram: Ah yes Olivier- in the end it is probably the wise thing to do to keep performance up
[13:00] Olivier Battini: Oz, NWS est toujours une grille semi-fermée, comme avant. Nous sommes ouvert à Hypergrid mais nous sommes très concernés par la sécurité, la stabilité et la performance de l’infrastructue, c’est pourquou nous n’acceptons pas de régions externes.
[13:00] Olivier Battini: Agreed Oz 🙂
[13:01] Sun Tzu: I find Hypergrid has problems — especially with theft of content and does not work well for worlds with economies
[13:01] Olivier Battini: Yes Sun, next Hypergrid version should bring more control and security for content.
[13:01] Sun Tzu: I think it may work better once we get Hypergrid with restrictions on where you can come from into the world and where you can go and what you take with you
[13:01] Oz Ozram: yes Hypergrid does have issues but it is getting better all the time
[13:01] Olivier Battini: Oui Sun, la prochaine version d’HG permettra plus de controle et de sécurité pour les contenus.
[13:02] Sun Tzu: Also have you heard of the point cloud technology?
[13:02] Jeff.Kelley @ nope
[13:02] Olivier Battini: point cloud ?
[13:02] Sun Tzu: Using points instead of polygons
[13:02] Olivier Battini: Oh yes I saw a demo video.
[13:03] Olivier Battini: That was stunning.
[13:03] Sun Tzu: Well I just read that Philip ROsedale is investing in it
[13:03] Olivier Battini: Ah 🙂
[13:03] Sun Tzu: Let me find links and such for you
[13:03] Olivier Battini: Katia, si tu as des questions au sujet de NWG ou tout autre chose n’hésite pas.
[13:03] Olivier Battini: Thanks
[13:04] Sun Tzu: It’s called Euclideon
[13:04] Sun Tzu: They claim to be able to get past polygon count limitations and Philip Rosedale is investing in similar Voxel-based technology
[4/8/13 5:40:40 PM] Joey Aboma: Here is a video on it:
[13:04] ParcDesArts.katia non, je suis a l’ecoute a travers les anonces en reseau,
[13:04] Sun Tzu: Metaverse manifestation evolves … with healthy 2.4 million funding of Philip Rodedale’s new “game”
[13:04] Sun Tzu: I remember voxel-based,Euclideon’s “Unlimited Detail” from 2011 and had high hopes …
“Rather than working with a limited number of polygon shapes (restricted, of course, by computing power), a graphic environment could be built from an infinite number of 3-D virtual atoms, much like the physical world… Unlimited Detail circumvents the computing power problem, [Euclideon CEO Bruce Dell says, by acting like a search engine that figures out, in real time, which points need to be rendered to create a certain view from a certain perspective. So only the “atoms” that are being viewed in a given frame from a certain perspective are actually rendered at any given time.”
[13:04] Sun Tzu: … perhaps Rosedale’s version will make it to market
[13:05] Sun Tzu: TECH CRUNCH article 2013 Ap 04
[13:05] Sun Tzu: “Theoretically (I think), one could maximize the performance of a voxel-based renderer by passing the compressed representation of a sparse octree directly to the shader, and then building the appropriate cubes to match the data. Create a renderer (if possible) that does this, and report on its frame rate and performance.”
[13:05] Sun Tzu: Interestingly, the project’s website
integrates a task bid-for-work tool “Worklist” similar to “Coffee and Power”, developed by Philip and now in some type of hiatus except for their mobile app.
[13:05] Sun Tzu: Sorry for so much text
[13:05] Sun Tzu: I get long in the tooth after 2500 years
[13:05] Oz Ozram: lol
[13:06] Sun Tzu: Just food for thought
[13:06] Sun Tzu: I not sure about all their promises
[13:06] Sun Tzu: May be a bit of smoke and mirrors
[13:06] Oz Ozram: Now I have a whole pile of tabs open in Firefox!
[13:06] Olivier Battini: Hehe I hope one day we can use that for OpenSim.
[13:07] Olivier Battini: lol
[13:07] Sun Tzu: So Olivier, can you please explain about New World Studio and the difference between what you will offer for free and for pay?
[13:07] Oz Ozram: One other thing you might think of doing is have a hypergrid region with links to other hypergrid places like Claudius had here before
[13:08] Oz Ozram: he had that working really well
[13:08] Oz Ozram is online.
[13:08] Olivier Battini: Sure, Sun.
[13:08] Oz Ozram: Especially little grids running on NWS!
[13:09] Sun Tzu: oh and by the way – I love how you made OpenSim more “app easy” that is something that was long needed
[13:09] Olivier Battini: The paid version of NWS will allow for automatic configuration of Network and Windows Firewall, changing simulator and region settings from a friendly user interface, and switching from public to private in a click.
[13:09] Oz Ozram: might be a good perk for the paying customers!
[13:10] Sun Tzu: Will that include for behind-firewall customers?
[13:10] Sun Tzu: Like a college or university for example
[13:10] Olivier Battini: I plan to add more features like a more complete web interface for remote management, and possibility of using modules such the ones installed on 3D Physics and 3D Chemistry.
[13:10] Olivier Battini: Sure Sun.
[13:10] Sun Tzu: Oh point for you on that Olivier
[13:10] Sun Tzu: The U.S. Army is working on a simplified version of MONIT
[13:11] Olivier Battini: NWS won’t unfortunately resolve all network problems but it can automatically configure an UPnP router.
[13:11] Sun Tzu: to make MONIT more App Easy
[13:11] Oz Ozram: yes- the firewall router issues are always the biggest pains to deal with!
[13:11] Olivier Battini: Interresting.
[13:11] Sun Tzu: give it a simple UI
[13:11] Sun Tzu: so basic users can do common things
[13:11] Sun Tzu: without having to get into a command line
[13:12] Olivier Battini: Yes absolutely.
[13:12] Jeff.Kelley @ (clearing my backlog)
[13:12] Sun Tzu: Oh is everyone here okay with me sharing the local chat from today with others?
[13:12] Sun Tzu: I would like to post on the 3D Web Think Tank if that okay
[13:13] Olivier Battini: That’s the aim. People will be able to run their virtual world with much less hassle and technical knowledge.
[13:13] Olivier Battini: Sure no problem for me.
[13:13] Oz Ozram: OK with me too
[13:13] Jeff.Kelley @ np
[13:13] Sun Tzu: Great
[13:13] Olivier Battini: Katia, es-tu d’accord pour que Sun publie le chat du meeting sur son site pour information ?
[13:13] Oz Ozram: would save me a whole lot of tech support time!
[13:14] ParcDesArts.katia pas d’objection 🙂
[13:14] Olivier Battini: Yes Oz, plus there will be regular meetings here on NWG for support, feature voting, bug triage, etc…
[13:14] Sun Tzu: Merci
[13:14] Olivier Battini: 🙂
[13:15] Sun Tzu: Also a thought for you Olivier on a nice to have feature
[13:15] Sun Tzu: having a translator built into OpenSim
[13:15] Olivier Battini: Oh exact Sun !
[13:15] Sun Tzu: taht would give much power
[13:15] Sun Tzu: more than SL has ever fully done
[13:15] Olivier Battini: Will add that to my list 🙂
[13:15] Sun Tzu: K thanks
[13:16] Olivier Battini: Bonsoir Dummy 🙂
[13:16] Olivier Battini: Comment va ?
[13:16] ParcDesArts.katia Bonsoir Dummy
[13:16] Dummy Joe: Bonsoir à tous. J’arrive un peu tard…
[13:16] Olivier Battini: I will also add some terrain generation, 3D molecule building and 3D newtonian physics as modules.
[13:17] Sun Tzu: Hello Joe
[13:17] Oz Ozram: Hi Joe!
[13:17] Sun Tzu: Are you okay Joe with my posting our local chat online?
[13:17] Olivier Battini: Pas de soucis Dummy 🙂
[13:17] Sun Tzu: I would like to include on the 3D Web Think Tank
[13:17] Sun Tzu:
[13:18] Oz Ozram: I was kinda lucky happening on to you guys today
[13:19] Olivier Battini: We’ll hold weekly meetings here every tuesday. Or may be alternate the days and hours, to allow every country to participate.
[13:20] Sun Tzu: Nice
[13:20] Olivier Battini: Nous tiendrons des réunions hebdomadaires tous les maris. Ou peut-être alterner les jours et les heures d’une semaine à l’autre pour permettre à tous les pays de participer.
[13:21] Sun Tzu: Oh I wondered. Is there a way for me when I host a grid with NWS to substitute my own IARs for the baseline avatars for when people sign up for my self hosted grid?
[13:21] ParcDesArts.katia pour les personnes qui ne pourraient pas participer, ce serait possible d’editer un condensé?
[13:22] Olivier Battini: Sure, you just have to change IAR files in the avatars folder.
[13:22] Sun Tzu: ok
[13:22] ParcDesArts.katia un extrait des choses importantes a retenir
[13:23] Olivier Battini: On pourrait mettre en ligne un chat log, mais le but c’est quand même aussi de participer régulièrement.
[13:23] Olivier Battini: Je vais voir comment on peut s’organiser.
[13:24] ParcDesArts.katia ok
[13:24] ParcDesArts.katia je vais vous laisser
[13:24] ParcDesArts.katia je vous souhaite eune bonne fin de soirée
[13:24] Jeff.Kelley @ bonne soirée Katia
[13:24] Olivier Battini: Ca marche, merci d’être passée. Bonne fin de soirée à toi 🙂
[13:25] ParcDesArts.katia a la prochaine reunion 🙂
[13:25] Olivier Battini: A la prochaine Katia 🙂 Je posterai sur FB et G+
[13:25] Dummy Joe: Bonne soiré à tous. Buenas noches.
[13:26] Sun Tzu: bonne soirée Katia
[13:26] Olivier Battini: So anyone wishing to visit the 3D regions ?
[13:26] Sun Tzu: Oui
[13:26] Oz Ozram: a good question Sun
[13:26] Dummy Joe: Yes. Why not ?
[13:26] Olivier Battini: Ok let’s start with 3D chemistry ?
[13:27] Jeff.Kelley @ i’ve seen the demos so i will jet out now
[13:27] Sun Tzu: merci beaucoup
[13:27] Oz Ozram: CU later Jeff
[13:27] Sun Tzu: Nice meeting you Jeff
[13:27] Jeff.Kelley @ good evening everybody and see you soon and ho. by the way, i’ll learn more about Euclideon
[13:27] Olivier Battini: Ok Jeff, merci beaucoup de ta présence ! 🙂
[13:27] Olivier Battini: 🙂 Hope that Euclideon will become the future 🙂
[13:28] Jeff.Kelley @ let’s go
[13:28] Olivier Battini: Ok ‘ill teleport you all 😉
[13:28] Oz Ozram: OK
[13:28] Dummy Joe: D’accord
[13:29] Second Life: Notecard saved
[13:29] Second Life: Teleport completed from hop://
[13:30] Olivier Battini: So this region uses a specific OpenSim module that allows to import complex molecules from online databases such as
[13:30] Dummy Joe: Ah, very interesting
[13:30] Sun Tzu: Nice data visualizations
[13:31] Sun Tzu: I have a friend in Boulder, Colorado that works a bit with them
[13:31] Olivier Battini: Come choose your molecule 🙂 For now only 2 but I can add more.
[13:31] Olivier Battini: In OpenSim ?
[13:31] Sun Tzu: yes and SL
[13:31] Sun Tzu: and Unity
[13:31] Olivier Battini: Interresting.
[13:31] Sun Tzu: and his son does with NOAA
[13:32] Second Life: Starting to create a new molecule…
[13:32] Second Life: Creation of atoms…
[13:32] Second Life: Creation of atoms bonds…
[13:32] Second Life: Linking…
[13:32] Second Life: Molecule created successfully.
[13:32] Sun Tzu: Have you met Erik Hackathorn yet?
[13:32] Olivier Battini: No Sun.
[13:32] Sun Tzu: checkout his NOAA sims in SL sometime
[13:33] Sun Tzu: Virtual Tsunami for one
[13:33] Olivier Battini: Ok thanks, will note the sim name.
[13:33] Primitive shouts:
[FR] Veuillez patienter quelques secondes avant de pouvoir faire apparaître une autre molécule.
[EN] Please, wait some seconds before displaying another molecule.
[13:33] Sun Tzu: can this crash the sim if too much data?
[13:34] Oz Ozram: this is cool!
[13:34] Second Life: Starting to create a new molecule…
[13:34] Second Life: Creation of atoms…
[13:34] Second Life: Creation of atoms bonds…
[13:34] Second Life: Linking…
[13:34] Second Life: Molecule created successfully.
[13:34] Olivier Battini: No, it will silently fail. There’s a special server part that downloads and interprets molecule data.
[13:34] Molecule shouts:
[FR] Veuillez patienter quelques secondes avant de pouvoir faire apparaître une autre molécule.
[EN] Please, wait some seconds before displaying another molecule.
[13:34] Olivier Battini: If the server fails to interpret, nothing will crash inworld.
[13:34] Sun Tzu: and does it work only with flat data or can it work with live dynamic changing data too?
[13:35] Olivier Battini: For now only flat data.
[13:35] Sun Tzu: ok
[13:35] Olivier Battini: What kind of dynamic data ?
[13:35] Olivier Battini: Like atom vibrations ?
[13:35] Sun Tzu: Possibly or others
[13:35] Olivier Battini: Yes that could be possible.
[13:36] Olivier Battini: There are only 2 molecules on the panels. I didn’t find anything very interresting to add yet.
[13:36] Second Life: Starting to create a new molecule…
[13:36] Olivier Battini: Lots of complex molecules anyway.
[13:36] Second Life: Creation of atoms…
[13:36] Second Life: Creation of atoms bonds…
[13:36] Second Life: Linking…
[13:36] Second Life: Molecule created successfully.
[13:37] Dummy Joe: Is it posible to view the molecule un sphere
[13:37] Dummy Joe: in sphere ?
[13:37] Olivier Battini: What do you mean ?
[13:39] Dummy Joe: In frenche : Est-il possible de visualiser les molécules en mode sphère, ou forces de Van der Vall, ou squelette ? voire combiner ces différents modèles de représentation dans une même molécule ?
[13:40] Olivier Battini: These features are not yet implemented. But if there’s enough interrest I could do much more.
[13:41] Olivier Battini: Peter Miller also did some work around molecule vizualisation using meshes/sculpties.
[13:41] Sun Tzu: J’aimerais une cravate jour dans l’API pour quelque chose comme le Conseil de Google dans un monde virtuel
[13:41] Dummy Joe: Ok. I understand : manu hours of work 😉
[13:41] Olivier Battini: Yes 🙂
[13:41] Second Life: Starting to create a new molecule…
[13:41] Second Life: Creation of atoms…
[13:41] Second Life: Creation of atoms bonds…
[13:41] Second Life: Linking…
[13:41] Second Life: Molecule created successfully.
[13:42] Dummy Joe: ^many !
[13:42] Molecule shouts:
[FR] Veuillez patienter quelques secondes avant de pouvoir faire apparaître une autre molécule.
[EN] Please, wait some seconds before displaying another molecule.
[13:42] Olivier Battini: I’m adding a molecule
[13:43] Dummy Joe: I can’t create a lm here. Is it normal ?
[13:43] Olivier Battini: Ah let me check that
[13:43] Sun Tzu: I have a LM for you
[13:43] Olivier Battini: fixed
[13:44] Dummy Joe: Yes, it’s ok now
[13:44] Second Life: Starting to create a new molecule…
[13:44] Second Life: Creation of atoms…
[13:44] Second Life: Creation of atoms bonds…
[13:44] Second Life: Linking…
[13:44] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[13:44] Second Life: Molecule created successfully.
[13:45] Second Life: Starting to create a new molecule…
[13:45] Sun Tzu: Très beau travail ici
[13:45] Olivier Battini: Haha don’t know where the new molecule is.
[13:46] Olivier Battini: Thanks a lot Sun 🙂
[13:46] Molecule shouts:
[FR] Veuillez patienter quelques secondes avant de pouvoir faire apparaître une autre molécule.
[EN] Please, wait some seconds before displaying another molecule.
[13:46] Sun Tzu: Is this all pulling from the data or pre-built from the data?
[13:47] Olivier Battini: There are 2 possibilities.
[13:47] Sun Tzu: LIve or Memorex
[13:47] Olivier Battini: The molecules here are just references to database.
[13:47] Second Life: Starting to create a new molecule…
[13:47] Second Life: Creation of atoms…
[13:47] Olivier Battini: So the server downloads the PDB file, interprets and creates the molecule live.
[13:47] Second Life: Creation of atoms bonds…
[13:47] Second Life: Linking…
[13:47] Second Life: Molecule created successfully.
[13:47] Olivier Battini: You can also put files on a FTP.
[13:47] Sun Tzu: would be nice if you could drill down
[13:48] Olivier Battini: Add more functionnality ?
[13:48] Sun Tzu: like click on a molecule and get to the data behind each
[13:48] Sun Tzu: I have something similar for mind mapping in SL
[13:48] Olivier Battini: Oh yes that would be interresting.
[13:49] Sun Tzu: IM Joey Aboma in SL if you would like a copy of it
[13:49] Olivier Battini: Thanks for the info ! Is that an open source tool like SLoodle ?
[13:50] Sun Tzu: Was being developed by a friend of mine, but I think he is open to sharing it
[13:50] Olivier Battini: That’s nice.
[13:51] Olivier Battini: Shall we teleport over to 3D physics ? A journey in the cosmos 🙂
[13:51] Sun Tzu: yes please
[13:51] Dummy Joe: Yes.
[13:51] Olivier Battini: Ok will teleport you.
[13:54] Olivier Battini: Could you get my TP ?
[13:54] Sun Tzu: yes but would not tp me
[13:54] Olivier Battini: You can teleport to 3D Physics (58,128,501)
[13:54] Olivier Battini: ok
[13:54] Sun Tzu: sure I try that link or map view
[13:54] Second Life: Region found!
[13:54] Olivier Battini: ok
[13:55] Sun Tzu: problems connecting
[13:56] Second Life: Region found!
[13:56] Olivier Battini: ok I will restart the region. As you will see, the physics simulations are working all day long 😀
[13:56] Sun Tzu: o
[13:56] Oz Ozram: Sorry Olivier it got busy here!
[13:56] Olivier Battini: Merci Dummy, désolé je crois que la région a besoin d’un redémarrage. 🙂
[13:56] Oz Ozram: lol
[13:57] Oz Ozram: be back in a while
[13:57] Olivier Battini: Ok Np Oz
[13:57] Dummy Joe: Les joie de l’informatique
[13:57] Dummy Joe: No problem
[13:57] Olivier Battini: The physics simulations are launched every 5 minutes all day long. I must add auto restart to the region.
[13:57] Olivier Battini: Ok I think we can teleport now 🙂
[13:58] Second Life: Region found!
[13:58] Olivier Battini: I’ll teleport you both if not done.
[13:58] Olivier Battini: 🙂
[13:58] Second Life: Region found!
[14:01] Olivier Battini: All OK Sun ,
[14:01] Olivier Battini: You appear offline to me;
[14:01] Sun Tzu: let me try again
[14:01] Second Life: Region found!
[14:01] Second Life: Region found!
[14:01] Second Life: Region found!
[14:02] Olivier Battini: May be try to relog ?
[14:02] Sun Tzu: fails to identify user presence
[14:02] Olivier Battini: I think that relogging should solve the issue.
[14:02] Sun Tzu: ok
[14:02] Sun Tzu: brb

[14:03] Oz Ozram is online.
[14:03] Olivier Battini: Welcome back.
[14:03] Sun Tzu: ty
[14:03] Olivier Battini: Let’s try a TP 🙂
[14:04] Sun Tzu: ok
[14:04] Second Life: Teleport completed from hop://
[14:04] Olivier Battini: Great 🙂
[14:04] Second Life: Started gravity simulation
[14:04] Sun Tzu: brb
[14:04] Olivier Battini: Welcome to the Universe !
[14:06] Olivier Battini: 500 stars will be nice 🙂
[14:06] Sun Tzu: back
[14:06] Olivier Battini: WB
[14:06] Sun Tzu: ty
[14:07] Olivier Battini: Ok, so welcome everyone to the Universe 🙂
[14:08] Olivier Battini: Come at the center of the sim and choose a button over here. The number indicates the quantity of stars to be added in the gravity simulation.
[14:09] Second Life: Stopped gravity simulation
[14:09] Olivier Battini: Come 🙂
[14:09] Second Life: Started gravity simulation
[14:11] Second Life: Stopped gravity simulation
[14:11] Olivier Battini: Hehe adventurous 😀
[14:11] Olivier Battini: Beware big bang radiation 🙂
[14:12] Olivier Battini: Awww it aborted the rezz, let’s try
[14:12] Second Life: Stopped gravity simulation
[14:13] Olivier Battini: I had to pause after each 200 stars of the script is stopped for too rezzing too quickly
[14:13] Second Life: Started gravity simulation
[14:14] Olivier Battini: Feels like a firework 🙂
[14:14] Olivier Battini: Strange
[14:14] Olivier Battini: lol
[14:15] Sun Tzu: so what dataset is this one using?
[14:15] Olivier Battini: It’s all random.
[14:15] Olivier Battini: There’s a rezzer that create a massive star.
[14:15] Olivier Battini: Then all others are much lighter stars.
[14:16] Second Life: Stopped gravity simulation
[14:16] Second Life: Started gravity simulation
[14:16] Olivier Battini: In fact, these are simple spheres.
[14:16] Olivier Battini: The script sets a given mass and initial velocity to each star.
[14:16] Olivier Battini: Then launches the simulation according to the data.
[14:16] Olivier Battini: It’s all computed live
[14:17] Olivier Battini: Using a C# OpenSim module for performance.
[14:17] Olivier Battini: But if you set the correct data, you can recreate the solar system, which Pierre Wild did.
[14:17] Olivier Battini: with the same module.
[14:17] Dummy Joe: I’ll leave you : it’s time to sleep for me.
[14:18] Dummy Joe: Good by, and see you soon.
[14:18] Olivier Battini: Ok Dummy, thanks for coming ! Merci à toi. Bonne nuit et à bientôt !! :=
[14:18] Olivier Battini: 🙂
[14:18] Second Life: Stopped gravity simulation
[14:18] Dummy Joe: Non, merci à toi pour les démo !
[14:18] Olivier Battini: Avec plaisir 🙂
[14:18] Sun Tzu: Here is Eric Hackathorn’s slideshare from NOAA:
[14:18] Second Life: Started gravity simulation
[14:19] Olivier Battini: Thanks.
[14:19] Sun Tzu: He has a company too named Fragile Earth Studios
[14:19] Sun Tzu: that works in Unity 3D too
[14:19] Sun Tzu:
[14:19] Sun Tzu: I think their work may be of interest to you
[14:20] Sun Tzu: He basically made his own 3D globe and attached data to it
[14:20] Sun Tzu: with Unity
[14:20] Sun Tzu: but similar things he has done in SL too with weather maps
[14:20] Sun Tzu: his dad does some interesting work with Big Data
[14:21] Olivier Battini: Interresting indeed ! 3D globe data viz is awesome.
[14:21] Olivier Battini: I will have a look on the website.
[14:21] Sun Tzu: try Terravix
[14:21] Sun Tzu: TerraViz
[14:21] Sun Tzu:
[14:22] Olivier Battini: Is he doing stuff like this in OpenSim ?
[14:22] Sun Tzu: that is the Earth part
[14:22] Sun Tzu: I think so
[14:22] Sun Tzu: he has worked as part of the Governati
[14:22] Sun Tzu: GOvernment group on innovation
[14:22] Sun Tzu: like Illuminati
[14:22] Sun Tzu: play on words
[14:23] Sun Tzu: Well thank you for the information and tour today Olivier
[14:23] Second Life: Stopped gravity simulation


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