4th Round Table of the 3D Web Think Tank

The fourth round table was held on 7 April 2013.  A video is being produced of this and shown below is a photo and text from local chat.  Many thanks to Alicia Stone for hosting this session on the Open Metaverse Project (OMP) grid and to all that contributed to the discussion.

4th Round Table

4th Round Table

TEXT TRANSCRIPT FOLLOWS (but most discussion was voice chat):
[10:15] Sun Tzu: Two things we need to address
[10:15] Sun Tzu: (1) Capabilities
[10:15] Sun Tzu: (2) Standards
[10:17] Charles Morris: If I could add a third item to that list it would be Stability.
[10:19] Sun Tzu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHyt9V2iJv0
[10:21] Sun Tzu: Firestorm Mobile for Smart Phones, Tablets and Stupid Phones for free with voice activation
[10:22] Taff Nouvelle: and how many believed that I wonder 🙂
[10:22] Alicia Stone: Are people talking on mic?
[10:22] Johan Hagel: yep…not now…
[10:22] Alicia Stone: Oh okay LOL
[10:23] Johan Hagel: that is funny….
[10:23] Johan Hagel: april fool…
[10:23] Sun Tzu: Okay so it was an April Fool’s Day joke, but I think this illustrates an important point too. The Firestorm Team sees mobile viewer development as something to be developed by others — not them
[10:27] Sun Tzu: Pixie Viewer will have capabilities with an API to work with multiple virtual worlds
[10:27] Alicia Stone: Not to mention recent blacklisting by grids on hypergrid
[10:38] Alicia Stone: Well that was one idea behind the info dot on sponon that I designed
[10:38] Sun Tzu: Need to keep user interface design simple enough for all to use
[10:39] Alicia Stone: people may not understand open a notecard for more info, but may understand a hovering blue ball with an italics I on it
[10:39] Taff Nouvelle: I can browse quick pages on my phone, but if I want to do work in depth, I use the computer, that is what you are saying I think
[10:39] Alicia Stone: Yes I know ixie
[10:39] Alicia Stone: yes I agree
[10:40] Alicia Stone: interactive objects, like what maria of HGB suggested of “click to wear” items are needed
[10:40] Ixmal Supermarine: limited…. clunky…. dated….. unfriendly
[10:41] Alicia Stone: That could be doable
[10:41] Alicia Stone: that is client side though
[10:42] Ixmal Supermarine: very good point
[10:42] Alicia Stone: I know the myriad of unfamiliar inventory types can be daunting
[10:46] Sun Tzu: Look beyond the Next Problem
[10:46] Eliana Zaytsev: i am so very sorry that i need to leave. i look forward to seeing the rest of this gathering posted. i have anotehr mtg in 15 min. well wishes to you all!
[10:46] Sun Tzu: Where do we want to be in so many years
[10:46] Sun Tzu: Ok thanks Eliana
[10:46] Francisco Koolhoven: bye eliana
[10:47] Sun Tzu: Let’s do some Blue Skies Thinking
[10:47] Alicia Stone: Well from the youtube film, “the future of opensim” I would suggest that user interface needs massive rework to be touch friendly and less “gamey”
[10:47] Sun Tzu: IF we could start afresh with all bets off
[10:47] Sun Tzu: 10 years…20 years from now…50 years…what will it be?
[10:51] Sun Tzu: Ixmal talking about Google Glass and overlaying a HUD over the real world
[10:51] Sun Tzu: projecting image directly into your eye
[10:51] Sun Tzu: I think we need to position virtual worlds for things like Google Glass
[10:52] Alicia Stone: Wasn’t their a project to port a viewer over to 3d veiws?
[10:52] Francisco Koolhoven: i’ve seen a demo of it
[10:52] Johan Hagel: think about combining virtual reality and opensim
[10:53] Johan Hagel: think about google glass in combination with opensim
[10:53] Sun Tzu: Here is the video for Google Glass promo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9c6W4CCU9M4
[10:53] Taff Nouvelle: years ago, it was going to be holo 3d, the google glasses are the new version of that
[10:53] Johan Hagel: think about how the WII combined human movement with games…how about combining this with opensim…
[10:55] Ixmal Supermarine: the social side will re-emerge, and machines wil enable companionship and friendship, not obstruct it
[10:56] Taff Nouvelle: recording what you are looking at is only the same as using your memory to remember, but better 🙂
[10:56] Alicia Stone: I would argue it is already moving that direction ixie
[10:57] Alicia Stone: So what we need is a social friendly and capable with apps for the real world basis for the metaverse
[10:58] Taff Nouvelle: saying that, the web was only for geeks at one time.
[10:59] Ixmal Supermarine: SL has always been rather a niche interest; much more so than MMORPGs, it seems to me
[10:59] Charles Morris: In the beginning it really was, It took companies like Compuserve and AOL to pull into the mainstream.
[10:59] Alicia Stone: I agree ixie and charles
[11:00] Johan Hagel: agree…it is a quiestion of user interface, simplicity….what if we can make it so simple to be use like text on TV…..where you can see how the weather will be
[11:00] Alicia Stone: Right so education and virtual tourism seem like two areas which could explode to me
[11:00] Ixmal Supermarine: I agree Alicia – both have huge potential
[11:02] Alicia Stone: Well to SL I would say the mmorpg aspect, but to opensim, I would say education is the leading industry
[11:02] Sun Tzu: AN example from Disney
[11:02] Sun Tzu: of Augmneted Reality
[11:02] Sun Tzu: Have an in-depth chat with Crush, the totally awesome sea turtle from the Disney·Pixar film, “Finding Nemo.” Engage in live, unrehearsed conversations with this denizen of the digital deep
[11:02] Sun Tzu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEjbx1MC7hI
[11:03] Taff Nouvelle: I use the web to shop, to work, and to watch videos, In the same way 3d worlds will be used in the furture.
[11:03] Ixmal Supermarine: Artificial Intelligence…. sounds scary, but it’s going to be a big industry I think
[11:04] Sun Tzu: Oh yes and AI will be inside of us soon
[11:06] Alicia Stone: Isn’t the ALICE software using AIML an open source project?
[11:06] Ixmal Supermarine: Great book about AI – I recommend ‘The Most Human Human’ by Brian Christian.
[11:07] Sun Tzu: Some great ones from Ray Kurzweil
[11:07] Sun Tzu: who now is at Google
[11:07] Sun Tzu: working on a digital human brain
[11:07] Taff Nouvelle: we could not have this meeting as effectively in a club 🙂
[11:08] Alicia Stone: Well I would suggest that we are all transhumanists in a way, so the kurzwell reference is apt
[11:08] Sun Tzu: https://www.ai-class.com/
[11:11] Charles Morris: We call that Artifical Stupidity.
[11:12] Alicia Stone: Well I am willing to start from square one with orgre or the like to develop something
[11:13] Sun Tzu: Eveyone familiar with the “Uncanny Valley” effect?
[11:13] Alicia Stone: yes you are here
[11:15] Alicia Stone: yes transhumanism
[11:16] Charles Morris: Rosie LOL yeah
[11:17] Alicia Stone: That is a good point
[11:17] Alicia Stone: Well one action point could be to put up a svn
[11:18] Ixmal Supermarine: svn?
[11:18] Alicia Stone: svn reposoitory
[11:18] Sun Tzu: Johan mentioned that “The Science Fiction of Today is the Reality of Tomorrow”
[11:19] Ixmal Supermarine: Vote of Thanks to Alicia for hosting
[11:19] Taff Nouvelle: the science fiction of yesterday is the reality of today, but not exactly as they saw it then.
[11:20] Ixmal Supermarine: True, Taff! Just as well!


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