March 10th Roudtable

RoundtableThe 3rd round table meeting of the 3D Web Think Tank takes place on Sunday, March 10th, at 11 am MVT/PST/SLT at the WorldWorks headquarters in SpotON3D.  We look for your ideas on several key things as we think about the “big picture” of the future of the Metaverse with the following key discussion points:
(1)  What is the Metaverse Today?
(2)  What do we want the Metaverse to be in the Future?
(3)  What are possible use cases for the Metaverse in the Future?


One response to “March 10th Roudtable

  1. a roudtable? =p

    sounds like a good topic – more so on points 2 and 3 – good luck!

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