3D Round Table #2

We held a second round table on 10 Feb 2013 on the SO3D Resource Center sim in SpotON3D.  Here is a quick overview:

3D Round Table 2


This was the second in a series of 3D Web Think Tank (3DWTT) round tables with those attending looking to help guide the path of the future or the Metaverse. This meeting focused on brainstorming ideas for WHAT we each see as the future of the 3D Web (Metaverse) with everyone contributing to the ideas freely.  We look to focus on things that have the greatest potential (game changers) rather than just going after those that are easiest to implement.  In follow-up round tables, we will refine these ideas and rank by order of greatest importance those which we see as pinnacle to the successful mainstream adoption of the 3D Web for greater use in business, education, social networking, and entertainment.  We held off on identifying HOW to achieve our goals for the overall 3D Web until we have clearly defined them.  The third round table is scheduled for 10 Mar 2013 at 11 am PST.

3D Web Round Table 2 (10 Feb 2013)

Attendees included the following:

  • Sun Tzu [David Fliesen] – Chair
  • Tessa Harrington
  • Ixmal Supermarine [John]
  • Sunny Salamander [Thomas]
  • AgileBill
  • Lomgren Smalls
  • Xenon [Virginia]
  • Riley Hope [Kathi]
  • Taff Nouvelle
  • Doctor Schwartz
  • Dean Ashby Redgrave
  • Francisco Koolhoven [Greg]
  • Lindy Low
  • Johan Hagel
  • Pooky Amsterdam

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